Why The NPC Needs To Change!

The situation of competitive bodybuilding has become extremely political. Notice how I refer to bodybuilding as a situation and not a sport. A dozen years of weight training prepared me for the next step or so I thought.

Bob Chicerillo wrote a rebuttal to this article called:
What Does The P Stand For In NPC?

To all NPC promoters, judges, competitors, sponsors, etc:

I have been an NPC athlete for over 17 years and have competed in over 50 events. My trainer resume contains over 80 champions and hundreds of competitors. Many in the community have called me the "Nutritional Guru" of competitive bodybuilding. My record outside of the bodybuilding world has been quite extensive in the field of weight loss. Many happy clients will attest to my credibility and honesty. My record speaks for itself. ENOUGH SAID!!

Now down to business. The situation of competitive bodybuilding has become extremely political. Notice how I refer to bodybuilding as a situation and not a sport. Many moons ago I entered the world of competitive bodybuilding. A dozen years of weight training prepared me for the next step or so I thought. Upon entering this area of endeavor I got the feeling I was an outsider and wasn't considered to be in "the clique".

Cool enough! I didn't care to be anyway! All I wanted to do was train, learn, get better and compete my ass off! Never once did I solicit or force my training and nutritional techniques on anyone. Within two seasons as a competitor other bodybuilders began seeking my help because they desired the ripped hard, shredded condition I showed up in time after time. Bodybuilders respect conditioning a lot more than judges do in my viewpoint. How else would a guy with so few titles have so many successful competitors?

Being involved so extensively gave me a lot of insight on the main players. You know, judges, promoters, sponsors, groupies, etc. It's like one big happy FAMILY, especially if you're in the NPC FAMILY! Which of course I'm not, especially since I'm formally resigning from the NPC if one can indeed do this. Why? I guess because I'm disgusted with the whole SITUATION! In my view it keeps getting worse. I could go on and on about why the NPC is not what it is cracked up to be. I would rather seek answers from competitors and supporters. After all they are the ones who pay money on NPC dues, entry fees, tickets, etc. Many are caught up in the aftermath of poor decisions of loved ones or themselves and deserve an explanation.

What Do YOU Think?

In order to explain the abundance of negative feedback I have been given about the judging I have devised a group of hypothetical questions on what you the audience, competitors, and hardcore associates think the REAL DEAL is behind NPC competitive bodybuilding.


NPC initials stand for:

A] National political Committee
B] Narcs, Punks, Commies
C] National Physique Committee
D] Never mind all this Please Consider before joining
E] All of the above


Should an NPC judge be a judge if he is a business associate or customer of the person he is judging?



Should an NPC judge look ahead at all times and not discuss matters with those around them?



Should an NPC judge focus more on muscularity and conditioning or potential and genetics?



Should an NPC judge take points away for obvious signs of steroid abuse.



Should there be a period of at least one hour after the contest, which would allow competitors to directly question judges on controversial, or close calls?



Should there be a dividing device between judges prohibiting eye contact with the other score sheets?



Should the NPC dues, entry fees, and contest tickets continue to climb higher and higher at our expense?



Should NPC competitors seek out other organizations to compete with?



Should we all get a life and leave well enough alone and do positive and meaningful things so as not to get engulfed in a negative quagmire like the NPC.



1. Mr. Louisiana 1990 Overall Winner
2. Mr. Tri State 1987 Overall Winner
3. Mr. Southern Mississippi 1986 Overall Winners
4. Runner up Mr. New Orleans
5. Runner up Southern Classic
6. Runner up Greater Gulf States
7. Runner up Heart of Dixie
8. 3rd Mr. Southern USA
9. 3rd Vegas Classic
10. 3rd 1987 Mr. USA
11. 5th 1988 Jr. Mr. America
12. Top Ten Finalist 1994 Jr. Mr. USA
13. 1997 National Level Competitor
14. 1999 3rd IFBB North American Body Building Championships
15. 2000 NPC Nationals Competitor
16. 1998 Heart of Dixie Runner-up
17. 2002 Runner-up Masters Louisiana


1. Wade Duet: Mr. Louisiana, Mr. Bayou State
2. Timmy Sonnier: Mr. Southern Louisiana, Mr. Greater Gulf States
3. Barry LeBlanc: Jr. Mr. Louisiana
4. Jessie Lipolma: Mr. Louisiana, Mr. East Coast, And Mr. Southern Classic, Top Ten Finalist Mr. USA
5. Steve Dufrene: Mr. Southern USA, Mr. Louisiana, and Runner up Jr. Mr. USA, Mr. Tri State, Top Ten Finalist Mr. America
6. John Distefano: Mr. Louisiana, 2nd runner up Jr. Mr. USA
7. Rory Eschete: Jr. Mr. Louisiana, runner up Mr. Louisiana
8. Tony Richards: Mr. Southern Classic, Mr. Greater Gulf States
9. Dwight Moore: Mr. Iron Man Natural
10. Timmy Simoneaux: Mr. USA
11. Jason Miller: Mr. Greater Gulf States
12. Linda Eymeid: Ms. Bayou State
13. Lisa Smith: Ms. Louisiana
14. Carla Gray: Runner up Jr. Ms. USA
15. Milton Berry: Mr. Louisiana
16. Dino Paul Pierce: Mr. Teen Louisiana (Iron Man Naturally), (Two Time) Mr. Southern Classic

Bob Chicerillo wrote a rebuttal to this article called:
What Does The P Stand For In NPC?

Maris Lee

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