Competing In The 2002 Mr. Louisiana!

Here is what happened, how I placed, and how I felt about it. Get ready to learn the sad truth about politics in bodybuilding. Pictures included!
Note: This is part three of the Mr. LA series. Click here for part one.

You know ever since I have been involved in this great sport I have been an honest, shoot straight from the hip guy. I continue to be that way and that is why I can write an article like this with a reputable attitude towards my credibility. I know that you the fans will feel for me through this tragedy. Here are the results from the 2002 Mr. Louisiana and how I saw what happened on this, what could have been glorious but turned out to be disastrous day. After prejudging I was told by everyone that I had won the division hands down. I was not fully confident with this because I have been dealt some bad cards in bodybuilding. Then, I saw the pictures from prejudging.

This helped to settle my mind and gave me confidence. I had beaten the toughest of my competition at the Mr. New Orleans two weeks ago. Now, standing on stage at the Mr. Louisiana, I had come in the best condition of my life and I was confident.

The results were disappointing and confusing. I was given second to a guy that I had beaten two weeks prior. The judges will not let me win this year. Politics! I saw judges talking to each other sharing their scores. I even had what appeared to be either a judge or test judge speak to competitors on stage saying things like " you got it you don't need the lights you got it." If that is not corrupt than I do not know what is. For what ever the reason (I have a hunch but that is another story) they refuse to reward me; therefore, I have decided to withdraw from the Greater Gulf States. If I were to continue to compete and let them walk all over me they would feel that it were okay to abuse me. It is not okay. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that came together as I think back on all of the events that passed this weekend. I have to be careful of what I put out because my career is on the line here. Needless to say much is being left unsaid on purpose.

I dedicated 22 full weeks to this year's competition season. I put off relationships with friends, family, and special loved ones. I was doing my job as a bodybuilder. And I love the job but I feel that in return I should be rewarded no mater what. I came in superior to everyone else in my division and I had respectively won my class hands down with out a doubt. I was "the Bantam" to beat this year and no one could do it until politics came into play. I lost a lot of respect for a lot of people after this event. Long story short, I have decided to begin the off-season and will be composing my plans for next year. The next article will be what you have all been waiting for. I will in depth-ly cover my off-season.

It is important for you all to understand that bodybuilding is a political sport and if you are not in the "in group" so to speak you may get (excuse the un-professionalism here) "screwed." This happed to several great bodybuilders this year at the 2002 Mr. Louisiana. I am upset with the outcome of the show and I am not sure about my future as a Louisiana bodybuilder. I will turn professional and I will compete next year. Maris Lee said that he too is fed up with the politics of the sport particularly in our area. He will not have anything to do with the NPC and the only NPC athlete that he will ever even work with is me. Why me? He said because out of all of the people that he has worked with over the years he sees something in me that he has not seen in others. I am ready to work and pay my dues. I do not rely on drugs to "get right"; I have the drive and potential to turn professional. He also knows that I love the sport and I want it and I already know at a young age what I am up against considering the political aspects involved.

We do plan on doing the Jr. Nationals, Jr. USA, or the Team Universe in 2003. So, lets try to put this terrible upset behind us and get ready to grow using this year's disaster as fuel for our fire. I will continue to represent in a reputable way as I did when the called me out for second even though I had a clear first. I took my trophy smiled thanked the crowd and out posed the first place guy one last time. Stay true to yourself, your sport, stay strong, and always remember, "you Gotta be a Tank!"

Dino Paul Pierce, CFT (III)
B.S. Dietetics
Natural Bodybuilder