Prep For The Mr. Louisiana Continues!

Coming off of a great showing at the Mr. New Orleans I felt great. I was extremely motivated to place second in such a great class of lightweight open bodybuilders. This motivated me to dig as deep as I could for the final 2 weeks of contest preparation
Coming off of a great showing at the Mr. New Orleans I felt great. I was extremely motivated to place second in such a great class of lightweight open bodybuilders. This motivated me to dig as deep as I could for the final 2 weeks of contest preparation of my 2002 competitive year. I break a few rules so to speak but the "shredded" look was rewarded in New Orleans and I need to shred it even more. This is what I have been doing for the final 13-day count down to the ultimate goal of the 2002 competitive season, which is capturing the Title of Mr. Louisiana (Open Bantam Weight Division).

I need to keep asking myself, "Dino, how hard are you willing to work for this?" I know there will be some "heat" at the Mr. Louisiana because I have recently defeated a long time rival competitor at the New Orleans. He will be at the Mr. Louisiana seeking revenge and I will be there to give him hell once again. I use him as a motivational tool constantly telling myself that he is working harder than I am to try and upset me. I have thus raised my level of standards and will do my best to prevail. I am asking nothing less than 100% from myself as I sprint to the finish line. There are still 10 days left till the Mr. Louisiana, I must take advantage of this time if I want to come in even dryer and more shredded than ever. There is no doubt that although I did not win the Mr. New Orleans, I definitely showed up at my personal best.

Great, extraordinary, and outstanding results do not happen by accident, this is a fact! It is time to dig deep and keep going at it "full tilt" (as Skip LaCour would say).

I must ask myself, "Dino, what exactly are you capable of over these last 10 days"? "How depleted and sucked back can you get"? "How strong are you mentally and are you really working your hardest?"

I must exceed my own expectations and not live in the limits in which I already know!"


Monday - Quadriceps
Tuesday - Back & Traps
Wednesday - Chest & Shoulders


I had a great chest workout. I am feeling really lethargic because of the low days (I am on my 4th low day) but in all it was great. I strive for excellence! All dumbbell work was done today. I hit the muscle from all angles. Light weight, moderate weight and finally quasi-heavy weight.

Exercises used: Flat bench DB, Incline DB, & Decline DB.


I awoke ready to train. I started off strong and through out the training session my body seemed to keep pulling on me, nevertheless I pressed on picking up speed till the final sets were completed.

Exercises used: Military Press w/ DB, Standing Military press to the front and back of the neck with barbell.


I have been using the approach that I said that I would in my last article. The backbone of it is "just keep busy" and hit cardio from all angles. I use different machines, walking, and the pool. I go hard, slow, and intermediate as far as intensity is concerned. My focus is great I have to constantly achieve this mindset through the show.

I feel as if I am battling with my mind at this point. My mind and body are asking for mercy but I do not let up. I must be strong and continue to believe in myself, I must win. I keep tackling the sessions with confidence and intensity treating each cardio session (which last most of the day) as an opportunity to better my current level of conditioning.

I remember feeling like this while preparing for the Southern Classic and the Mr. New Orleans when I was cardio-ing it out and going low on the carbohydrates. I just continuously remind myself why I was (am) doing each cardio session (to be Mr. Louisiana) and realized that each session brings me one step closer to having the title of Mr. Louisiana 2002. The battle goes on all day as I constantly keep busy and active.


I continue to plug away at my diet strategy for the 2002 Mr. Louisiana. Here are my plans for the 10 days that I have left to prepare for the show. I will consume about 190-250 grams of protein each day. I have been doing this religiously. I am pulling from every angle at this point. I will eat only fibrous carbohydrates on my down days, which will come primarily from spinach. I will and have been following a low fat diet. On my 5th day down (Thursday the 4th of July) I may add in a few good fats. I had originally planned on it but I may dig deep and keep them low. If I do use some it was because I had no choice and I will use no more than about 30 grams or so. I will utilize soy nut butter as my fat source to help me make it through the day. The scheme has gone and will go as follows: four low days (today is #4), one fat day, and one up day. I will go down for another four and then carb up for the show on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be assessed and I will eat what I need at that time. Saturday will be the prejudging and the evening show and hopefully all of the hard work will be rewarded and I will take home the state title.

"Gotta be a Tank!" Stay Strong!

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Dino Paul Pierce, CFT (III)
B.S. Dietetics
Natural Bodybuilder