Ready, Set, Go! Synery Fitness For Time-Crunched Adults Book Review!

I hate stretching! You heard me right. I'm a fitness book author with a chapter dedicated to stretching, and I dislike stretching.
It is a total departure from the traditional approach to fat loss - but what does that matter as long as it works? Trainer Phil Campbell's blockbuster new book, Ready, Set, Go! takes an effective stab at the prevailing wisdom in the fitness world. Ready, Set, Go! is a revolutionary concept for fat loss and lean muscularity. Campbell focuses on the key area of growth hormone release through two familiar channels - diet and exercise, but via unconventional means.

Campbell acknowledges the effectiveness of growth hormone intake via chemical means, but also points out the dangerous side effects and offers a better alternative - using specific dietary and exercise practices to manipulate growth hormone release in a natural manner. It is anaerobic exercise that will promote the release of the Human Growth Hormone in a manner that works with, not against, the health of the body. The two cataclysmic shifts in training patterns

Campbell introduces to promote the release of growth hormone:

Diet - No carb loading after workout
Training - Instead of long runs - short sprints, to release GH

The typical training approach in the past couple of decades has been to repack carb stores after a hard workout with a meal that is high in sugar content. The reasoning behind this approach is that glycogen stores are wiped out during the workout and it makes sense to replenish them as quickly as possible. Not so fast, says Campbell. He notes that growth hormone increases "significantly" at the end of 20 minutes of 85 percent intensity exercise, and peaks approximately one hour into the recovery period (post exercise time frame).

This causes growth hormone to remain in your system, burning body fat, for two to three hours during the post workout phase. However, if you carb up during this time frame, particularly with a high sugar meal, it will put the brakes on any benefits of growth hormone release. Campbell points out "you can work out for hours, but eat a high sugar candy bar, or high sugar energy drink and you will shut down the synergistic benefits of growth hormone" release. His unique recommendation is to take no sugar for the two hours that follow any intense exercise session.

Campbell also points out that only a specific type of exercise is effective in achieving growth hormone release. The standard approach of jogging or stair climbing doesn't work for facilitating the release of growth hormone into the system. Neither does some types of weight lifting. In order to bring about growth hormone release, exercise must achieve four bench marks. These are:

  • Oxygen debt - The out-of-breath condition resulting from high intensity exercise during anaerobic training.
  • Muscle burn - The lactic acid, burning sensation generated in the muscles from high intensity training.
  • Increased body temperature - Raising your body temperature by approximately one degree from the exercise session.
  • Adrenal response - A University of Virginia research team identified the adrenal hormone release function as possibly playing the central role in growth hormone release.

Most traditional exercise programs do not facilitate the reaching of all four benchmarks. Campbell utilizes sprinting and specific high intensity weight lifting to achieve the four benchmarks. He has devised a "sprint 8" workout which consists of 8 sprints performed with just enough rest time to keep the body in oxygen debt. He also outlines an approach to use weight training to force growth hormone release as well.

Ready, Set, Go! is a radical new approach to shaping the ultimate physique. It contains the program for drastically changing your body for the better. The book is also full of various weight training exercises, pylometric training routines, sprinting and stretching exercises to provide the body with a total package. The book contains over 350 pages and sells for $19.95 in most major stores. The average Amazon book review customer ranked the book as a five star rating (highest possible). If you are looking for an effective way to burn off fat and boost muscularity, grab a copy of Ready, Set, Go!