New Training Journal!

I banged out three sets of 10 reps to get my body warm and my muscles stretched a bit. Next came barbell rows using an overhand grip.

7/15/02 Monday - REST

7/16/02 Tuesday - Back

I was really excited about training back today mainly because I knew I was going to go get a massage from one of my friend.s massage therapists and that she would work the kinks out of my back or at least try to. I got to the gym around noon today to find it relatively empty. So right off hand, I was in a good mood. I started today.s workout with a few minutes on the bike and then headed to the corner to bang out some front pull ups. I banged out three sets of 10 reps to get my body warm and my muscles stretched a bit. Next came barbell rows using an overhand grip.

I loaded the bar with 135 and banged out 15 easy reps. I then loaded the bar with 185 and banged out 10 more reps. After some light stretching and flexing, I loaded the bar with 225 and banged out 10 more reps. Now it was time to work. I slapped 275 on the bar and banged out eight gut wrenching reps. I know this is a two rep drawback from last week but my form was impeccable. As long as my form is quality, then my reps are quality and I.m all about quality.

After making my way to the bathroom to puke up some stomach acids because I pushed myself intensely on my one heavy set of rows, I came back and banged out 10 reps with 225. I then performed front pull downs as my next back exercise. I set the pin at 140 lbs and banged out 12 reps. After a few moments, I moved the pin to 160 lbs and banged out another 10 reps. By this point, I had a nice pump going but I wasn.t really feeling it as I had before.

I knew I was pumped but the feeling wasn.t complete. I guess it.s because I haven.t been eating enough carbs lately. Fortunately, it is something I can rectify. Next came seated cable rows using a v-bar handle. I set the pin at 140 lbs and banged out 10 reps making sure to contract my shoulder blades together. On my next set, I used 160 lbs for 10 more reps. At this point, I felt extremely tired but I wanted to do just a few more sets to completely satisfy my mind.

I performed v-bar pull downs using 140 lbs for eight reps. I knew I was done at this point because no matter how much I wanted the weight to move, it wouldn.t budge. Now it was time to hit my traps a bit. I went back to the barbell row but this time I pulled it towards my chest trying to consciously squeeze my lower trap area. Using 135, I banged a set of 15 reps, 15 reps, 15 reps and finally 10 reps all to positive failure. I then performed behind the back barbell shrugs using 185 lbs. I performed a total of three sets each for 15 reps which completed my exhausting workout. I know I.m going to be sore tomorrow and that massage will feel damn good.

7/17/02 Wednesday - Shoulders

I was quite pleased with the results of yesterday.s training session when I woke up this morning. I was extremely sore and tight at the same time. However, before I could enjoy my full body massage, I had to squeeze in a quick shoulder session and I had to drive an hour to pick up my girlfriend from school.

I got to the gym a little earlier than usual just so I could fit everything I needed to do on time today. I started my workout with a few minutes on the bike as usual and began with standing dumbell side laterals to get some blood in my delts. I began with 15s and performed 15 reps. Next came 20s for another 15 reps. After some light stretching, I grabbed the 25s and banged out two sets of 10 reps to further warm my shoulders. Unfortunately, there was no pump as of yet. I quickly moved to my first compound movement: seated dumbell presses. On my first set, I used the 70s for 10 easy reps.

Next came the 85s for another 10 easy reps. Now it was time to work. I grabbed the 95s, hoisted them up to my shoulders and began pressing. I ended up performing eight reps. This set made me extremely nauseous so I wound up puking. I miss training with this type of intensity. My next exercise was standing dumbell side lateral drop sets. I grabbed the 25s, 20s and 15s and performed one drop set making sure to get 10 reps with each pair of dumbells. This set hurt more than usual but I was up to the challenge, or at least I thought I was.

Then again, it.s what.s in the mind that matters especially if training using drop sets. You have to learn to push through the pain barrier to make good gains. Next came one arm dumbell side laterals with a slight lean. I grabbed a 30 lb dumbell and banged out 12 reps per side. Next, I used the 40s and still managed 10 reps per side. I was actually amazed at how much weight I was able to use despite not having done this exercise in such a long time.

My final exercise was t-bar rear delt laterals. I could definitely feel myself fatiguing so I decided to perform one warm up set and one work set to finish off today.s session. I grabbed the 45s and banged out 15 warm up reps. After this set, my rear delts became tight so I stretched a bit. Then I grabbed the 65s and banged out my one and only work set managing 15 reps. I felt fortunate to make it through the work out and only puking once. I just felt as if I pushed myself harder than usual.

7/18/02 Thursday - REST

7/19/02 Friday - REST

7/20/02 Saturday - Chest

I was scheduled to train chest with one of my friends and soon to be roommate, Nick. We agreed to meet around 1:00 PM and train today which is fine by me. I.m so used to training by myself that training with someone else might be good. I haven.t been eating particularly well the last couple of days so I knew today would be somewhat of a drag. Regardless, I was determined to train my ass off. We jumped on the bike for a few minutes to get things going and then we headed straight to the bench press. I loaded the bar with 135 and banged out 15 easy reps. Next came 185 for 10 more reps.

Then it was 225 for 10 more reps. At this point, I knew I was going to have a tough workout because I can usually get 225 relatively easy for 10 reps but this time I struggled a bit. If this was going to be the trend of today.s workout then I was going to be in for a fight. I loaded the bar with 275 and only managed 5 reps which is quite odd. So I dropped the weight down to 225 and banged out 12 reps. Next came incline press. I loaded the bar with 225 and banged out a set of six reps and then a set of five reps. Now came some hammer strength equipment.

If it were up to me, I would train with nothing but hammer strength because I just love the pump I am able to get while using it. We used the only hammer strength machine they had for chest, the iso wide chest. I loaded the machine with two 45s on each side and banged out 15 reps. Next came three 45s on each side for 10 reps. For my final set, I used three 45s and a 10 on each side for eight grueling reps. Now it was time for some type of flye movement. I chose the high cable crossovers because they work well if you know how to do them properly.

I set the pin at 50 lbs per side and banged out 15 easy reps. Next came 80 lbs per side for 12 tough reps. Finally, I set the pin at 90 lbs per side and was about to bang out eight reps. For our final movement, we performed incline dumbell flyes. Using 55s on my first set, I managed ten reps to positive failure. Next came the 70s for nine reps. Despite not eating well the past couple of days, I was still able to get in a decent training session in today. I.ll be sure to be better with my diet if I want to train like a champ.

7/21/02 Sunday - REST