Your Mind Is Your Most Valuable Training Tool!

Most weight lifters spend a majority of their time looking for one training, nutrition, or supplementation strategy that will miraculously catapult their mediocre physiques into a new level of growth. The fact of the matter is...
Most weight lifters spend a majority of their time looking for one training, nutrition, or supplementation strategy that will miraculously catapult their mediocre physiques into a new level of growth. The fact of the matter is that your mind is by far your most valuable training tool. When you use your mind to its fullest potential, even the worst strategy can have beneficial results. On the other hand, if you have a sub optimal mindset, the very best strategy will yield average results.

Make no mistake: your mind leads your body. Arnold once said that the mind fails first followed by the body. Getting yourself motivated to put forth your best effort will help you use your bodybuilding resources more efficiently. I will share with everyone some tips which have helped me master the art of utilizing my mind as a formidable weapon in my quest for a better physique.

1) Be clear about exactly what you want to accomplish.
You'll put yourself miles ahead of the majority of the other gym rats if you take the time to determine exactly what you want to accomplish from your efforts. I know this sounds almost too easy but it works. Just look at what I've done with myself without the use of drugs. When you're clear on your specific goals, your brain will effectively seek out all the available resources to help you reach them.

2) Think big!
When you know exactly what you want to accomplish, be certain you're asking enough from yourself. Life is what you make it. I'm sure you heard this saying before. Don't do things half@$$ and sit back and think about what could have been if you had given it your all. Life's too short for this. Go all out or don't go at all.

3) Set specific goals.
You'll never achieve anything great by accident especially in bodybuilding. Know what your final goal is and set small incremental goals until you attain your ultimate goal. I'm willing to bet that most gym goers don't take the time to determine exactly what they hope to gain from their efforts. I'm sure you'll hear a resounding and redundant "I want to get big" or "I want to lose weight." But how many of these jokers do you think have any inkling of how they're going to get there? Not many.

4) Overcome your fears.
Ok. So you think goal setting is easy but you still aren't sure about these goals or they seem too unrealistic for you. Why is this you ask? The answer is fear of failure. Everyone, including myself, wants to avoid disappointment and embarrassment. Many people avoid these situations by avoiding challenging situations altogether. I've been guilty of this and I'm sure most of you readers are guilt of this also. Forget about failure for once. Set a goal and stop at nothing until you've attained your specific goal.

5) Raise your standards.
No matter who you are or what you've accomplished, you can always move one step closer to perfection. Adopting such a belief will propel your physique to new heights of improvement over time. You'll truly feel in control of your destiny when you believe you can always improve and have the will to improve.

6) Become unbelievably persistent.
Most lifters give up on their dreams or mentally burn out long before they reach their full genetic potential. There's a direct correlation between persistence and patience. What's that old saying: good things come to those who are patient. This holds true in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding isn't about seeing who can pack on the most mass in the least amount of time or at least that's what it shouldn't be about. Bodybuilding is about finding out what works best for YOU. If your original plan doesn't work, you need to come up with another one. If your backup plan doesn't work, you need to find yet another one and so forth. Persistence is key here.

7) Become incredibly consistent.
You won't be a successful bodybuilding if all you do is produce a few good workouts or eat well for a few days. Successful workouts build on one another as does eating well. You need to train yourself to become consistent in and out of the gym. What's the use of a good workout followed by inadequate nutrition and rest? When you get into the habit of doing all of the things you need to do to become your very best, you'll develop unstoppable momentum. Not to mention, consistency will become much easier.

8) Enjoy the bodybuilding process.
All I've mentioned so far seems quite tedious but it all boils down to if you're having fun or not. Bodybuilding is about celebrating the ups and enduring the downs. Successful bodybuilding is about how far you've come from the beginning until now. Bodybuilding is about pushing yourself beyond the threshold. Bodybuilding is about developing an iron will and adamant discipline. Bodybuilding is about applying the lessons you learn about yourself in the gym to your regular life and turning your passion into a fulfilling experience for other areas of your life. Bodybuilding should be fun, plain and simple! LIFT AND LEARN!

-Phano Paul Som