Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

Ever wonder why fit people are far and few amongst the populations?
Excuses, excuses, excuses! We've probably heard them all and we've all been guilty of making them. We've all withstood blaring music that's too loud and obnoxious for any morning ear, sound off in 10-minute increments, throughout an entire hour, just to escape getting up and ready for the gym before work or class. As we hit the snooze button for the 5th time, we contemplate logical ways to avoid our morning gym ritual.

Some of us even do the unimaginable, and remain at work or in class past quitting time, just to let the clock run out of any potential workout time. And let's face it, that's an insane prospect at best unless the person is after a promotion. Brown-nosing may be humiliating, but to some people, the humiliation is less painful than the thought of actually embarking on an intense or even mildly intense that they might have to maintain to stay healthy for this long and arduous journey called life.

Good intentions gone bad is why people who want to get fit, just never seem to get around to it. Most people actually do resolve to do things in good faith, but fulfilling the promises we've made to ourselves takes more than just good intentions. It takes a singlemindedness that most people can't quite seem to grasp these days. Ever wonder why fit people are far and few amongst the populations?

You can't blame the average person though. Resources are in short supply and times seem to be scarcest. After all, this world is apt to pull us in as many as 20 different directions within an 18-hour period, once we reach adulthood, so there isn't much time to idle throughout any given day. Most of have families who pull and tear at our time. Whatever is left over, comes to us like thrown scraps of food. So we must be able to invite structure into a life filled with a seemingly never-ending line of chaos in hopes of achieving what only a small percentage of the people in the world are able to do: maintain a fit and healthy life style.

--The Top 10 Excuses For Not Hitting The Gym--

  • 1) The solution? Stop feeling like you're helpless to do anything about it!
    Before your good intentions take a nose-dive and die a slow, quiet death, take a look at a list compiled by my training partners and myself of popular excuses why people don't get off their duffs and exercise, and maybe you'll find a bit of yourself in at least one o rmore of them. That won't make you a criminal, but it just might make you think twice before you use one of them yourself!

  • 2) Too tired
    Finding yourself forever fatigued? Exercise can help. Workouts and cardio sessions actually enliven the system, rather than subdue it. Ridding the body of excess weight should also help you to feel move alive!

  • 3) Too busy/No time
    The oldest excuse in the book, plain and simple! If you can't find time in your busy day, how can folks like Donald Trump and Bill Gates find the time to fit everything into their busy lives? Makes you think, doesn't it?

  • 4) Cramps
    Doctors used to tell women to lie down until the pain subsided. Today's physicians will be the first to tell you that a bit of exercise is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, exercising on a regular basis and eating a sound diet free of sugar and excess starch will help minimize monthly cramps altogether.

  • 5) Have to make dinner
    In an age of ready-made supermarket meals and spouses who now share the responsibility of children's needs, having to make dinners for the troupes just isn't an excuse that flies anymore. Nice try though!

  • 6) Want to sleep in
    Overdoing sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough. go to bed early enough that you get at least 7-8 hours each night, then roll out of bed a full hour early for good old early morning cardio. Heck, if I can do cardio twice a day, while working a job and taking classes with an hour of actual weight training per day on top of that and still have a social life, I don't see any reason why you cannot.

  • 7) Too far to drive
    If you have chosen a gym that is over 30 minutes away, you've probably joined the wrong gym. Join one closer, or buy some simple home workout equipment like a BowFlex.

  • 8) Don't want to be sweaty before work
    Breaking newsflash: modern gyms actually do have shower facilities now. Instead of showering at home where hot water is scarce at 7:00 am like in my dorm last semester, take your work clothes with you to the gym.

  • 9) Have to take kids to lessons
    If you're finding that time is a luxury these days, arrange for your children to be a part of a carpool. You'll have more time off that turns at the wheel. Also, see #7.

  • 10) Just started dating someone "Great"
    Take him/her to the gym with you. There's nothing hotter than a workout with the one you love. You'll both have fitter bodies, and can have some fun post-workouts also.

    There are undoubtedly more reasons why people would want to skip a workout or ten but I cannot begin to fathom how anyone would want to skip on living a healthy lifestyle. It's a small investment with time and money and all it takes is a little structure in our daily lives. Sure, there will be certain times that make it impossible to go through with your workouts such as illness or injury but these are rare instances for most of us. So I say we should use our bodies every which way we possibly can. I believe it is the greatest instrument that God gave us and that we should use it to its fullest. Train hard, train smart, think BIG!