Current Pre-Contest Training And Nutrition!

You know the old saying, variety is the spice of life. That's what I do with my training and I love and look forward to training every single day.
I am terribly sorry about the long absence but I have not been able to access a computer for the last few weeks. Now that I am situated back at summer school and in my new apartment, I will have more time to bring everyone up to date on things. I have been still training relentlessly in the gym to prepare for my next 2 upcoming shows: The Mr. GA on July 8th and Southern SNBF on July 15th. I will be honest when I say that contest preparation this time has been much like a roller coaster ride in that I have had my times of good dieting and my times of bad dieting. Regardless of this, I think I will hit the stage at about 170 lbs and much tighter than I have ever been before. I think that by utilizing the April 7th SNBF show as a launching point, I was able to move a few steps in the right direction regarding contest preparation. I will now shut up and outline some of my training and dieting points.


  • Day 1-Hams/Quads
  • Day 2-Chest/Shoulders
  • Day 3-Back
  • Day 4-Arms
  • Day 5-REST
  • Day 6-repeat cycle
I always listen to my body when it comes to training and recuperation. Sometimes, I will opt to take a day off in the middle of my training split and sometimes I won't even take a day off. It all depends on my energy levels because not anyone of us can be gung-ho about training and dieting 24/7 365 days a year.

--Leg Training--
I always start leg training off by doing hamstrings first. Why? Because my quads are much larger in comparison to my hamstrings and thus overpower them. For hamstrings, I usually perform 3 different exercises for 3-4 sets each utilizing 8-15 reps in a pyramiding fashion. The exercises are in this order: lying leg curls, stiff leg deadlifts, and unilateral leg curls. For quads, I always begin with 3 sets of leg extensions followed immediately by 3-4 sets of hacksquats in a pyramid style. Then it's off to 4 sets of walking lunges for a distance of about 50 yards followed by 2-3 sets of squats, 2-3 sets of leg presses, and 3 sets of leg extensions. I don't go overboard with the poundage in my quad training because my quad size is large enough at this point. I train calves about 2-3 times a week and I always train them apart from abs. Also, I perform them at the beginning of my workout.
Total Time: 70-75 min.

--Chest/Shoulder Training--
I begin this training session with chest always because my chest lags in comparison to my delts. Depending on where I train, I will utilize various forms of equipment such as Cybex, Hammer Strength, or just free weights. Since our school does not house any Hammer Strength equipment, I am forced to use mostly free weights. I usually begin with 3 sets of dips to get the blood in the pecs followed by a pre-exhausting 3 sets of cable cross overs. Then it's off to 3 sets of incline dumbbell presses or 3 sets of flat dumbbell presses followed by 3 sets of either incline or flat dumbbell flyes. Then I finish off with 3 supersets of dips and cable crossovers. I know this sounds a bit sloppy but I get a nasty pump doing this. Besides, since traditional training has done little to bring up my chest, I guess it's time to try something off the wall. Afterwards, I move directly into shoulder training. I begin with 4 pyramiding sets of lateral raises followed by 3 sets of bent over rear delt laterals. Then it's back to 1 arm cable lateral raises for 2 sets followed by rear delt lateral raises on a T-bar machine for 3 sets. I finish off this session with 2-3 sets of seated dumbbell presses depending on my energy levels once again.
Total Time: 50-60 min.

--Back Training--
My favorite training day of the cycle. Why? Because I absolutely love the pumped feeling you get by doing all types of rows and pulldowns. The only kind of pump you can attain through proper back training. I always begin with 3 sets of front pullups using only my bodyweight. Then it's off to 3 sets of pre-exhausting machine pullovers in a pyramiding fashion. Then I head over to do 3 sets of barbell rows varying my hand position on every set. Then I go back to front pull downs for 3 pyramiding sets. Then I perform 3 sets of seated cable rows utilizing various handgrips once again. This is followed by 2-3 sets of close grip pulldowns depending on energy and then polished with pyramiding sets of deadlifts. This last exercise will truly test your mettle. Either you have it or you don't. End of story!
Total Time: 50-60 min.

--Arm Training--
Training arms has become more enjoyable over the months. Strangely enough, my arms grow much more quicker than my other bodyparts even though I enjoy it less. At any rate, training is training and I treat it with the same intensity as I would any other bodypart. I always train bis with tris because they are quite simply antagonistic muscles. Biceps come first because they lag in comparison to my triceps. I begin with 5 sets of alternating dumbbell curls using the pyramid scheme. Then it's off to e-z cable curls for 3 brutal sets followed by 1 arm preacher curls for 2-3 sets each. Then I perform 2-3 sets of what I call front double bicep cable curls. Say what you wish, but I really like this exercise and I feel that it will help especially come contest time. Without even thinking, I move straight into triceps by doing 3 sets of dips. This is more than sufficient to warm them up. This is followed by a series of unilateral movements because my triceps already have the size, just needs the detail. I utilize these 3 exercises for 3 sets each in different order every training session: 1 arm dumbbell overhead extension, kickbacks, reverse grip 1 arm triceps extension. Arm training would not be complete without forearm training. I superset wrist curls and reverse wrist curls for 3-4 sets utilizing a higher rep range of about 15-20 reps. Just enough to get that intense burn feeling. Total Time: 50-55 min.

--Ab Training--
Simple but effective training. I stick with the basics here...nothing fancy.

  • Seated Knee-ups 3 x 20
  • Reverse Crunch 2 x 20
  • Weighted Decline Crunch 1 x 20 x 15 x 10
  • Cable Crunch 2 x 15-20

    --Calf Training--
    I usually train calves on the days that I don't train abs. I consider calf and ab training detail work and use them primarily as a warm-up to my actual workout. This warm-up period only lasts about 10 min. or so. Anything more and I'm wasting my time.

      3 supersets of:
    • Standing calf raises 3 x max
    • Leg Press calf raises 3 x max
    • Seated calf raises 3 x max
    --Cardio Training--
    I perform anywhere from 20-35 min. of cardio at least once per day but almost always twice per day. The first thing I do in the morning is perform my AM cardio which is usually walking on the treadmill on an incline anywhere from 4%-9% at about 3.5-3.8 mph. My 2nd cardio session will either come right after my weight training workout or right before I go to bed. It all depends on when I train and how I feel but I try to get two sessions in regardless. So total cardio time is about 40-60 min. per day.


      Here's a typical outline of my daily schedule with meals and supplementation.
    • 8:00 AM wake up, 2 g Glutamine, 2 caps Extreme Ripped Fuel, 1 g Vit. C
    • 8:30 AM cardio session 1
    • 9:30 AM meal 1, 1 Multivitamin, 1 Antioxidant, 1000 IU Vit. E, 1 cap Joint Fuel, 1.5 g CLA, 2 g Glutamine, 1000 g Vit. C
    • 1:00 PM meal 2, 1 g vit. C, 1 cap Joint Fuel, 1.5 g CLA
    • 3:30 PM meal 3, 1 g vit. C, 1 cap Joint Fuel, 1.5 g CLA
    • 7:00 PM meal 4, 1 g vit. C, 1 cap Joint Fuel, 1.5 g CLA, 2 caps Extreme Ripped Fuel
    • 8:00 workout
    • 9:00 meal 5 (Protein Shake), 1 g Vit. C, 2 g Glutamine
    • 10:30 meal 6 (very low in carbs if any at all), 1 g Vit. C, 1000 IU Vit. E, 1 cap Joint Fuel
    • 12:00 cardio session 2
    • 1:00 bedtime, 2 g Glutamine
    Well, that's about it. Nothing fancy. Just the basics as always. I will do another post when contest time comes even closer. Until then, train hard, train smart, think BIG!