Personal Trainer Of The Month: RhondaLee Quaresma!

Congratulations RhondaLee on being our Personal Trainer Of The Month! RhondaLee was awarded the Personal Trainer of the Month for her commitment to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals!

Vital Stats

Name: RhondaLee Quaresma
Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Contact Info:
Rates: $150 per hour; packages also available

[ Q ] Could you tell us a little about your background - personally and professionally?

I am an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder/model/nutritionist/private trainer and entertainer. I have trained for over twenty years and succeeded as a competitive bodybuilder winning all amateur titles and earning my Pro status as an athlete in this sport! Although the financial reward being a female pro bodybuilder doesn't exist in this sport in terms of being paid by the federation, I made a choice to live my passion of the bodybuilding and health and fitness lifestyle, having applied it to all facets of my life. It allowed me to open my mind and abilities to other things I never dreamed possible, growing my success in other career worlds as well. I prove every day I do it for the love of the sport. And I have trained people for years but not full time.

I recently made the decision to share my knowledge on a full time basis as a career enhancement! I have been working closely with Joe Antouri and PROPTA to further my already extensive knowledge base and bring it from California to Canada! is by far the best training certification in the world! Certification of the Pros! Its principles expand to include nutrition as all us fitness people know must go hand in hand with any training regiment to achieve optimal results! I am so excited and grateful to Mr. Antouri for providing myself and many other pros such opportunity!

RhondaLee Lives Her Passion Of Bodybuilding And Fitness And Applies It To Every Facet Of Her Life.
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RhondaLee Lives Her Passion Of Bodybuilding And
Fitness And Applies It To Every Facet Of Her Life.

[ Q ] What is your training style? What methods do you use?

Now I do a variety of training styles because I have a foundation to do anything I want and get results from it because of years of heavy power muscle building work! Since I don't have the specific competitive workout schedule like I used to have to follow, I am now always doing something different to shock my body and keep it responding, yet making sure I of course have the right amount of resistance to work the fibers deeply.

[ Q ] Do you have examples of success stories from clients using your methods?

Yes I have many different scenarios from over the years. For example, I have coached a person just wanting to stay in shape, to someone wanting to totally transform their physique and competitive bodybuilders and athletes. My most recent successes is my figure girl, Rosa Valente who just placed 4th in her class at the North Americans and has won every figure show she entered prior to. And just before that I had an extremely overweight male with diabetes. I wasn't able to be with him often so I worked with him online. He lost over 100 pounds!

And there are many more and many more to come! I'm so excited over my decision to help people in whatever situations come my way. It's always an interesting challenge to take each individual and customize programs to achieve success for both of us! There has not been one situation where I did not succeed so long as my client does what I teach them.

RhondaLee Has Always Seen Success When Her Clients Follow The Plan She Gives Them.
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RhondaLee Has Always Seen Success When
Her Clients Follow The Plan She Gives Them.

[ Q ] What are the most common mistakes a client makes?

Inconsistency in training. i.e. taking time off for any reason and it seems any length of time causes people to just quit! Or they restart after a long time so it's like starting over. Problem is they do this over and over. Sometimes life gets in the way and we can't train for a bit and that's ok, but instead of completely stopping do a little something each day or just know that as soon as you deal with the situation you can continue then!

This often leads to the next mistake which is jumping in too soon and hard after a lay off as though you had not stopped training at all! This is a recipe for disaster...feeling discouraged because you think u should be able to do the same level of training from maybe months prior, but you can't, you will be ridiculously sore, may have gained weight, lost muscle, and the worst, injury from probably lifting too heavy! There are others but let's leave it at this for now...I prefer positive reinforcement!

[ Q ] What are the most common mistakes you believe a trainer makes?

Not teaching properly! I refer to them as 'text book trainers'. Sure they know the words inside and out from memorizing what you hope is a good trainers certification, but they have little or no experience with training other bodies...or even their own at times!

Not customizing programs and not listening to the client are other mistakes too frequently made. Sometimes you should pay more attention to what your client says and needs as I believe there is an instinct most people have, so if you are a good and experienced trainer, you can decipher the answer from them. Also not paying attention to a client during his/her time...talking on cell phones and/or not watching client during a lift could cost a trainer a lawsuit. Another major issue is that many trainers have no idea about nutrition, training, diet, cardio and supplementation...they all work together to produce the best result for a person. Without proper food intake you may as well stay home!

Not Watching A Client During A Lift Could Cost A Trainer A Lawsuit.
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Not Watching A Client During A
Lift Could Cost A Trainer A Lawsuit.

[ Q ] Do you set your clients up with a full diet plan?

I do it all! My clients don't have to think, just do! And I tailor each program according to each individual taking into account their individual requirements and state of health.

[ Q ] How do you keep your clients motivated?

By attending to their individual needs, goals, etc. With no 2 programs being exactly alike it says a lot! It shows you care, which makes each person want to follow through for you! Also by assessing each person's personality and trying to design workouts, diet etc to work with their lifestyle. Training is not a one size fits all pursuit.

[ Q ] How do you start a client on a new program? Do you do some kind of assessment?

I give everybody the same questionnaire and assessment to fill out for me so I can then design a program suited to their individual needs. I look at their health, gender, height, weight, previous training experience, goals, diet, etc before we begin anything. I consider as many factors as possible so I may provide them with the best information to utilize in order to ultimately get the best results.

I Consider As Many Factors As Possible So I May Provide The Client With The Best Information.
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I Consider As Many Factors As Possible So I
May Provide The Client With The Best Information.

[ Q ] Do you prefer to train male or female clients and why?

I like training both but I have to say that from my experience girls are less likely to complain!

[ Q ] Do you feel just as much like a psychologist as you do a personal trainer?

Not really but psychology and interacting with your client do go hand in hand. Sometimes you have to listen to the client if they seem to be reaching out to you. In that moment of listening you could discover what the key factor holding them back in training is. I do feel that it is very important for me to stay focused on them, keeping them motivated and if that means being a sounding board at times then so be it.

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