Performix Ripped Remix Trainer: Day 28

You've completed the Performix Ripped Remix trainer. Well done! This program was one of the toughest we've ever published. Now figure out what comes next!

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Congratulations! You've finished one of the hardest programs has ever offered up. You're probably still a bit tender from yesterday's final workout, so reward yourself with a well-earned day or two of rest and some solid meals. Then, once you feel the itch again, let's dig into what comes next!

Of course you could turn right around and dive into Ripped Remix again, aiming for bigger number, more airtime, and better performance on those advanced push-up and pull-up variations. Or if you need a change of pace, you could try one of Performix athletes Mike Vazquez and Andy Speer's other workouts.

We can guarantee you'll be stronger and faster at any of these workouts than you were just one month ago. Want more options? Choose from our dozens of full programs!

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