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''This is what I do, this is my passion, I don't do anything half a$$, I will be exhausted, cry and bleed for your project.'' - Ythjall


Hailing originally from Sweden, Pavel Ythjall brought his unique visual style to the United States since 2005. The Venice, California, resident is a freelance director whose body of work includes more than 60 music videos, two feature films, and 50 commercials.

A photographer as well, he holds a staff position with Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazines. His photography has also appeared in BODY, Fitness, Ultimate MMA, FIGHT! Inked, Fighter, and numerous other magazines around the world.

"This is what I do, this is my passion, I don’t do anything half ass, I will be exhausted, cry and bleed for your project," says Ythjall.

He can be contacted at


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The X Factor: Learn The Key Ingredient To Fitness Modeling Success
If you aspire to fitness modeling success, the need to be fit is a given. Here’s what it takes to stand apart from the rest and become the best.
Section: Mind :: Mar 31, 2011

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