Pauline Nordin Interview.

Find out who Pauline Nordin is, how she got started, her biggest life accomplishments, her training and diet and much more... What's your background? How did you get started in the fitness industry?

Pauline Nordin: I met my boyfriend who is a photographer, and then it came natural to take some photos. What do you feel is your biggest fitness-related accomplishment?

PN: My recent win in the Swedish junior championships in bodybuilding.

From The Swedish junior championships. Is fitness modeling/competition your full-time job? If not, what else do you do?

PN: I also work as a personal trainer, and I run a member area on my web site too: What are your immediate and long-term goals?

PN: This year I'm going to try to put in a bit more muscle for the world championships held in November 2003. My dream is to go to California to work as a personal trainer and bodybuilding pro/fitness model. Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?

PN: I go up at 6 am and head to the gym for two clients. After that I go home working on my computer until 4 pm. Then it's time for my own workout and a couple of clients. At night I usually spend my time with my boyfriend. Please describe your normal diet. How do you eat to stay in shape?

PN: I eat the same things year round; egg whites, fish, chicken, veggies, rice, potatoes, pasta and healthy oils. On occasion I eat some dairy, but that is to be cut out precontest...You could say I only take in more of the diet foods when trying to add quality weight. What is your training routine like?


    Day 1: back, rear delts
    Day 2: chest, front and middle delts
    Day 3: off
    Day 4: quads, glutes
    Day 5: triceps, biceps, abs
    Day 6: off
    Day 7: hamstrings, calves What supplements do you use?

PN: Vitamins, protein powder, fish oil, glutamine How do you motivate yourself to get/stay in shape?

PN: I got to stay in shape to look good in front of the camera. That's enough inspiration for me! Sometimes I eat too much bad things like chocolate and the weight I gain feels terrible. What are a few of your favorite fitness and health-related web sites?

PN: What tips would you give to someone who wanted to get into the fitness modeling (or fitness competition) industry?

PN: Work out like a bodybuilder, not like a girl. Go for heavy weights. Not high rep all the time. If someone you knew asked you how to lose weight and get into shape quickly, what would you tell them?

PN: Workout 3-4 days a week, include 30 minutes of the gym time on a cardio machine. Cut out all pasta, rice, bread, corn etc late at night. What do you feel differentiates you from other people in your field?

PN: As a female bodybuilder, I think I am very feminine, more feminine than many other female bodybuilders.

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