Quick Bodybuilding Tips!

Warning! This is hardcore info. If you are offended by profanity, perversion, or anything like that then check out some other articles.

Part I

There is no such thing as an "essential carbohydrate".

If a product uses a variation on the name of a real steroid, it is shite -- If it combines the name of two steroids.......

For maximum hypertrophy, always emphasize the eccentric portion of a movement.

Creatine is not stable in an aqeous solution.

Squats are not bad for the knees. Ass-to-grass squats are not bad for the knees.

Eating less than 10% of your calories from fat is not a goal.

Muscle size and knowledge are not necessarily correlated -- Knowledge and "Certified Personal Trainer" status almost never are.

Machines are not safer than free weights.

If you want to gain muscle -- overeat. If you want to lose fat -- diet. One cannot overeat and diet at the same time.

Part II

Practice progressive overload (along with adequate rest to allow recovery and supercompensation) in all facets of training -- not just muscular. This includes the nervous system (HIT), vascular system ("pump" training), and the glycogen system (depletion workouts).

Always employ a liquid post workout meal. On a diet, this would consist of about 50g dextrose, 40g whey, and 5g of creatine. On a mass phase, 100-150g dextrose, 50g table sugar, 10g creatine, and 40-50g whey. 2-5g glutamine peptides are optional with both. Follow this with a regular meal 30-45 minutes later.

"Cheat days" are for gluttons. Purposeful overfeeding is another matter entirely.

Calories: Diet = 10-12 per pound. Maintenence = 14-16. Mass = 18-20 Protein = 1g/lb LBM at maintenence - increases by an equal percentage for each percentage caloric intake varies from maintenence.

Change is the key to continuous improvement -- Cycle everything - reps, sets, tempo, rest period, exercises, exercise order, grip size, grip position, supplements, drugs, calories.

Eating on steroids - increase protein by 1g/lb/g of androgen. Increase calories by 10/lb/gram - with a ratio of about 50/30/20 carb/protein/fat.

Always use an explosive concentric phase during a movement.

Most routines leave the muscular system underworked -- "Overtraining" is almost always neural or endocrine in nature - it is almost impossible to fully tax the muscle without first overrtraining the other two. The quickest way to overtrain: CNS = HIT style training. Endocrine system = long workouts (1+ hours). Muscular system = eccentrics.

To ensure a pool of available amino acids and an anabolic hormonal milieu, train on as much food as can comfortably be tolerated.

A bagel is not a meal. The addition of cream cheese to the bagel does not alter this fact.

Fat is NOT beautiful and should NOT be accepted.

Acute changes in leptin expression are a result of glucose metabolism. Thus, carbohydrates are the foundation of a proper refeed or mass phase.

Train slow, become slow.

There is nothing about 6:00 P.M. that makes carbohydrates consumed after that time point magically alter the laws of thermodynamics.

One cannot elongate one's muscles, despite what the followers of Mr. Pilate might say to the contrary.

There is a good reason why legitimate scientific studies utilize a control and perform statistical analysis on data obtained in the study. Namely, data obtained and conclusions drawn in lieu of these methods are shite.

NOTICE! - Par Deus is the genius behind the awesome Avant Labs line of hardcore products. He is a regular on the Bodybuilding.com Message Boards also. Check them out to get your questions answered.

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