Tonya Robbins Shed 30 Pounds And Quit Feeling Embarrassed About Herself!

Tonya was fed up with feeling disgusted with herself, so she set her sights on a fat loss goal and started down the road to fitness. Read on to learn how she shed 30 pounds and 12% body fat right here!
Before Before:
155 lbs
After After:
125 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Tonya Robbins
BodySpace: Rockstar42

Age: 41
155 lbs
Body Fat: 28%

125 lbs
Body Fat: 16%

Why I Got Started

I was fed up and disgusted with myself because I felt fat and ugly. As you get older, the weight kind of "creeps" up on you. I was so embarrassed that I wouldn't even go into the grocery store, I would send my girls in.

I would often say, "I'll start my diet on Monday." A lot of Mondays came and went and my diet would only last about half the day. Then, one day I had a "light bulb" moment. I decided I was going to finally do it this time and nothing was going to stop me. I had enough of feeling embarrassed about myself!

Nothing Was Going To Stop Me.
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Nothing Was Going To Stop Me.

How I Did It

The first thing I did was join a diet center. I started eating exactly what the plan called for and the weight bagan coming off! When I joined I was traveling a lot and eating fast food 3-4 times per day. On top of that, I was drinking soda all day. So the diet part was a big change for my body.

Each day I began feeling better and better. I would weigh in every Thursday and, sure enough, I was losing weight each and every week. I was on top of the world, nothing was going to stop me!

Seeing the results was my biggest motivation. After I had lost 20 pounds, I decided to join a gym. I was scared to death because I knew nothing about working out. I had always read fitness magazines and dreamed about looking like the girls.

Seeing The Results Was My Biggest Motivation.
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Seeing The Results Was
My Biggest Motivation.

For the first couple of weeks, I would just go in and hop on the treadmill. This way, I could watch everybody else and see what they were doing. I loved watching people lift more than anything and I really wanted to have muscular arms.

One day I watched a trainer come in and loved her arms. I instantly approached her and made an appointment. I worked with her over a year before finally deciding to go out on my own. I knew I wanted to compete one day and she had no experience in that. So I continued by doing a lot of online training with different people.


Tonya Robbins.
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Tonya Robbins.



Monday: Back, Biceps And Abs

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Shoulders

Thursday: Chest And Triceps

Friday: Cardio And Abs

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Rest

Suggestions For Others

You need to plan your meals. I spend 2 days per week cooking and preparing food. If I can make these changes in my 40s, anyone can! Get your mind right and quit making excuses. The results are worth it!

Get Your Mind Right And Quit Making Excuses.
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Get Your Mind Right And
Quit Making Excuses.