Octavio Bravo Shed 64 Pounds And Began Competing!

After a visit to his doctor, Octavio knew he needed to make a change to regain his healthy physique. Read on to learn how he shed 64 pounds right here!

Before And After Stats

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Octavio Bravo Octavio Bravo


242 lbs
Body Fat:
Waist: 42"


178 lbs
Body Fat:
Waist: 33"

Why I Got Started

In my late teens and 20s I never had a problem with my weight. I had a high metabolism and burned off what I ate quickly. Also, I rode my bike to school and walked around campus, so I never really worried about gaining weight.

I did shy away from sports because I didn't have the strength, endurance, and stamina, but always hit the books. Upon graduating from college and getting an accounting job, I became a sedentary person.

My metabolism started to slow down and, to deal with the stress from work, I would eat a lot. It also didn't help that my buddies always got together and we'd eat tons of junk food and drink all the time.

This was easier than doing any physical activity. And as my pant size increased I kept deluding myself that it was just natural since I wasn't young anymore. Finally, after my nephew's baptism in 2003, my sister was showing some pictures we had taken.

I couldn't believe how bad I looked. When I went in for a check-up with my doctor, they drew some blood as a normal procedure. When I went back for the results, I was given the bad news that I had high cholesterol and with my family history, could suffer from diabetes and/or heart disease.

My doctor also put me on Lipitor. Well, the Lipitor was making me lethargic and I asked the doctor what I could do.

I Never Really Worried About Gaining Weight.
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I Never Really Worried About Gaining Weight.

How I Did It

The doctor told me to start off with watching my diet and exercising. So I started cutting off the junk food and cleaning up my eating habits. I also got a gym membership and did a couple of sessions with a personal trainer.

While working out by myself, I injured a rotator cuff doing bench presses and went in to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor helped with the rehabilitation of my rotator cuff injury with acupuncture, chiropractic, and seeing the physical therapist he had on staff.

They really encouraged me and motivated me to pursue exercising. As I continued to work out with the physical therapist he taught me how to set short term goals and not get disappointed when I hit a plateau or had any sort of setback.

In the 3 years I was slowly losing the weight, but I wanted to do more. So, he also encouraged me to train for a bodybuilding show. He went further by also training to compete for the bodybuilding show with me.

So in the summer of 2006, we found a natural show in March 2007 and we got to work. I started hitting the weights big time, incorporated plyometrics to keep the heart rate going and cleaned up the diet.

I found new ways to enjoy the foods I ate and also found more information on workout routines, exercises to hit muscles at different angles, and different programs.

I found that preparing my food for the entire week really helped me stay on target for eating every 2.5-to-3 hours. Well, in March 2007 I stepped on stage at 178 lbs with 8% body fat. I did not place in that first show but I no longer let that discourage me.

It had taken me 4 years but I felt better and looked better than I ever had. In fact, I was bitten by the bug and competed again in November of 2007 and placed 3rd in the Masters division. I have been off the Lipitor since I found my love for fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding and feel like I've gained my life back.

I've had high school and college friends say they haven't recognized me when they see me. They either remember the skinny kid in high school or the fat party guy in college.

I plan to continue working out, improving my physique and continue competing. I keep changing my workouts and routines to continue to find what will help spur new muscle growth.

I Feel Like I've Gained My Life Back.
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I Feel Like I've Gained My Life Back.


Note: Supplement schedule and dosages are shown below in the diet section.


I would break down my diet to about 15% fats, 30% carbs, and 55% protein for contest prep. Once a show was over it would be about 15% fats, 45% carbs, and 40% protein.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5: Post-Workout

Meal 6:

Meal 7:

I Plan To Continue Working Out, Improving My Physique And Continue Competing.
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I Plan To Continue Working Out, Improving
My Physique And Continue Competing.


Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Cardio

  • Cardio: 45 minutes of low-intensity

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Cardio

  • Cardio: 45 minutes of low-intensity

Friday: Back

Saturday: Shoulders And Arms

Sunday: Cardio

  • Cardio: 45 minutes of low-intensity

Suggestions For Others

To anyone out there that is looking for the magic pill or those looking for the "Fountain of Youth," you can get these through fitness. There is no reason why anyone, even with physical ailments, can't get into and maintain the best shape of his or her life.

It's a matter of dedication and desire. I encourage everyone that is fighting some sort of health issue to seek help through fitness and proper nutrition; it certainly helped me.

Go out there and get it, make a change for life, you owe it to yourself! As far as I'm concerned, my transformation is a continuing process. I have not peaked!

I Have Not Peaked!
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I Have Not Peaked!

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