2005 Canadian National Fitness And Figure Contest Review - Part 1.

Check out this contest review from the Canadian National Fitness And Figure Competition. Looks like the competition was really tough.
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Canadian National Fitness And Figure
Competition Interviews

Competitor Name: Angela Robinson
Competition class: Figure short
Province: Alberta
Placing: 1st

I took advantage of the fact that I was rooming with Angela to follow her with a microphone, pen, and paper throughout the weekend. She was very gracious in answering all questions asked, no matter how hungry and tired she was! Angela spoke with me Friday, and Sunday (after winning her class).

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

[ AM ] - Asha Menon
[ AR ] - Angela Robinson

[ AM ] So, one more day. How are you feeling?

[ AM ] What are you bringing to the stage this year that you didn't have at the 2004 National show (Angela's last competition)?

[ AM ] In hindsight, would you have changed anything about your
contest prep?

    [ AR ] No, I am really happy with my overall prep.

[ AM ] So, do you have any predictions about the show?

    [ AR ] I think that Jill St. Laurent (also of Alberta, competing in Figure medium) will win the Figure Pro card.

Jill St. Laurent & Allison Black
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[ AM ] It would be great to take one back to Alberta, wouldn't it!? Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge before you take the plunge tomorrow?

    [ AR ] Yes, I want to thank you (Asha), Raejha (IFBB Pro, Angela's trainer), and all of my friends and family. Thanks so much for your support and for pushing me to be the best I can be. I'd also like to thank Power Tan Supplements and Nutrition in Edmonton for their sponsorship.

Angela With Allison Black
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[ AM ] Well, I'll let you go eat. Good luck, Angela!

    [ AR ] Thanks!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

[ AM ] Congratulations on winning your class! You're now a National Figure Champion. How does it feel?

    [ AR ] I feel great (confident). I'm totally ready to tackle the off-season and work on improvements for next year.

[ AM ] So, did you achieve your goals for this contest?

    [ AR ] Well, my goal was to be first, and I was, so I guess I did!

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[ AM ] Who trained and dieted you for this show?

    [ AR ] Raejha Douziech, an IFBB Pro has been my trainer for the last two years. She's awesome.

[ AM ] So, what's next on the agenda?

    [ AR ] I am considering doing the North Americans in Cleveland on September 3rd. If not, I'll definitely be back at Nationals next year.

[ AM ] Anybody you'd like to thank for helping you through this journey?

    [ AR ] I definitely want to thank my best friend Asha for being my rock, and I'd also like to thank my friend for Michael for traveling down to Winnipeg and supporting me.

Competitor Name: Jill St. Laurent
Competition class: Figure Medium
Province: Alberta
Placing: 1st

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

This will be Jill's third time on a National stage. Last year, she competed in both bodybuilding and figure - busy lady!

[ AM ] - Asha Menon
[ JSL ] - Jill St. Laurent

[ AM ] Hi Jill - how are you feeling today?

[ AM ] What was your last figure show, and how have you changed since then?

    [ JSL ] Last year's Nationals was my last competition. I've added about 3 pounds of muscle to my frame, and I think my muscle is more proportionately distributed this year.

[ AM ] Was there anything in particular that you were focusing on improving for this year?

    [ JSL ] I really needed to work on my posing. I had to work hard at it so that I could really get it down, and I did. I'm really confident with my posing. I'm also really happy with my suits this year. They fit perfectly and I feel that they're perfectly cut for my body shape.

Jill St. Laurent & Allison Black

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[ AM ] How do you feel about this year's competition? What are you up against?

    [ JSL ] Honestly, I don't really like to know who I am up against. I work as hard as I can to be my best, no matter who I am competing against. This year was the best contest prep that I've done, and the best on-season diet that I've ever done.

[ AM ] Do you have any predictions for the show?

    [ JSL ] I don't know enough about my own competition to predict, but I think that Angela Robinson (Alberta figure short) will win first in her class.

Angela Robinson & Maryse Clement
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[ AM ] A lot of people are predicting that you're going to get the Figure Pro card this year. If so, what are your Pro status plans?

    [ JSL ] I'm not really sure - maybe the GNC show in Atlanta (October 2005). I might have picked an earlier show, but my sister's getting married, and I can't diet in the buffet capital of the USA!!

[ AM ] So who makes up your support group?

    [ JSL ] First and foremost my husband Camille. Honey, you're the best! Also, my family. The first people I'll be calling are my mom and Camille's mom. And of course I want to thank Brian and Donna Logue and my sponsors, Mackenzie from Oh-Ba-Be, as well as Goddess Wear.

Competitor Name: Roberta Orth
Competition Class: Figure Tall
Province: British Columbia
Placing: 4th

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

I had a chance to talk to Roberta before one of her photo shoots. Wife of Herbert Orth (National Masters Champion, 2001, and founder of Monster Cookies), Roberta was happy to talk about her first National show.

[ AM ] - Asha Menon
[ RO ] - Roberta Orth

[ AM ] How long have you been training?

[ AM ] And how did you qualify for this year's National show?

    [ RO ] I first competed at Western Canadian Naturals (in B.C.) and won my class. Then I went on to Provincials, where I won both my class, as well as Overalls.

[ AM ] Have you made any changes to your physique since your last show?

    [ RO ] Yes, I've increased my muscle mass by about ten pounds, so I'm 5'7" and coming in at about 135 lbs.

[ AM ] How do you feel about your competition tomorrow?

    [ RO ] I know it's going to be a tough competition, and I feel that I'm as ready as I can be. I spend a lot of time studying other competitors and looking at their pictures.

[ AM ] And, when it's all over, what is the first thing you're looking forward to eating?

    [ RO ] Chocolate! Actually, we made a special batch of cookies and I have 3 of them waiting for me!

[ AM ] Good luck tomorrow, Roberta. Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge?

    [ RO ] Yes, I'd like to say thanks to my husband, Herb, and a thank you to Desiree Ellis (IFBB Pro) who did my contest prep.

Competitor Name: Jamie Senuk
Competition class: Fitness Tall
Province: Alberta
Placing: 2nd

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Another one of my hometown girls, Jamie is making her 2nd appearance at Nationals.

[ AM ] - Asha Menon
[ JS ] - Jamie Senuk

[ AM ] This is your second year at Nationals - how did you do last year?

[ AM ] And you're back for more? How are you feeling?

    [ JS ] Yeah! I'm feeling ready. Mentally and physically ready, nervous and excited. And thirsty! I feel that I'm in the best condition I've ever been in.

Christina Mehling & Jamie Senuk
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[ AM ] So what's new for you since the 2004 National show?

    [ JS ] Well, first of all, I had 'enhancement' surgery, so I feel a bit more symmetrical. My conditioning is bang on. I have a smaller waist this year. It's made a difference that I've only had to peak for one show this year, and not three.

[ AM ] And what about you're routine?

    [ JS ] I have a lot more confidence with my routine this year. It's much more polished, and I feel that it's really a national-caliber routine.

[ AM ] Any predictions about the show?

    [ JS ] Well, I think I'll take first place, but I would honestly be happy with top 5. I think that Alberta will dominate the stage. I also think that Nina Luchka will win the Figure Tall class - she's got an amazing physique. Figure Medium will go to Jill St. Laurent.

Jill St. Laurent & Allison Black
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[ AM ] Any Pro Card predictions?

    [ JS ] The Fitness Pro card will be between Myriam Capes and me. As for figure, I think Jill will win it.

Myriam Capes
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[ AM ] So, if you do walk away with a Pro card, what are your plans?

    [ JS ] Well, I will retire from Fitness and compete as a Figure Pro. The first Pro show I'd like to do is the California Pro Invitational at the end of May. If I don't get a Pro card, I'd like to do the North Americans in September.

[ AM ] Is there anyone you'd like to thank - your supporters?

    [ JS ] Definitely. Asha Menon, Allison Black, Raejha Douziech (Trainer), Angela Robinson, Helen and Daphne, Shawna and Kirk. I'd also like to thank everyone at Hardcore Gym, the girls at gymnastics, Kylie at Fabutan and Kristine at Fashion Impressions.

[ AM ] Any cravings on this final day of dieting?

    [ JS ] Oh yeah... tequila, Jack Daniels, and a 'big-ass' Dr. Pepper Slurpee.

[ AM ] Final words?

    [ JS ] I am really proud to be an Alberta athlete, and am proud to call fellow athletes my friends.