Optimum Superfeature: Truly Strong

True strength is the result of hard work, precision nutrition, and smart training. Build it with this collection of powerful content from Optimum Nutrition.

Kelechi Opara's Targeted Chest Workout

My chest workout will knock you for a loop. Don't expect to spend all day under a barbell. This dumbbell-heavy workout will add size, shape, and striation to your pecs!

Ashley Johns Fitness 360

It seems we are only dealt one fortune in life. We get it, live it, deal with it and call it a wrap. Ashley Johns refused to accept this. She chose to reverse her fortune.

Mary Murphy Fitness 360

Mary Murphy's athletic background and stunning features make her a perfect addition to the NPC. Follow her program and see how this Northwest native broke into the industry!

Supplement Company Of The Month

There's a reason Optimum Nutrition ranks as Bodybuilding.com's most popular brand. Learn more about this dynamic supplement giant.

Figure Pro Alicia Harris

The competitor may be nicknamed "Smiley," but she has her game face set for the Figure International in Columbus, Ohio.

Jen Rankin, 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Winner

Jennifer doesn't just tell her story; she offers you a roadmap as well. She reveals the training, nutrition and supplementation strategies that allowed her to reach the top.

10 Secrets To Scoring A Fitness-Industry Sponsorship

Sponsorships—if they were easy to secure, everyone would have one. But this 10-point plan can raise your odds of success

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