The 2002 Olympia Expo. Pictures And Commentary:Page 6!

The 2003 Olympia Expo was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite bodybuilding and fitness stars, learn about the latest bodybuilding products, and receive tons of free gifts and samples!
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The view backstage of the Ms. Olympia.
Part of the crew: Josh Brouse, Billy Baldry, and Tyler Bowen.
Quincy Taylor just keeps getting bigger.
Lee Labrada plans world domination with Jeff Everson.
Stacy Hylton signed autographs the day after competing.
The Universal guys looked mean but in reality... actually I don't know if they are nice since I was afraid to talk to them.
We were excited to have HUGE Markus Ruhl in our booth for awhile.
Lisa Schaerer just turned pro!
Will Wiedenmann, Author L. Rea, and Ryan DeLuca. Author knows his stuff!
The new Ms. Bikini Olympia winner!
Mat Duvall almost couldn't fit into the MuscleTech booth.
Charles Glass (Ronnie Coleman's trainer) with a fan.
Pavel Tsatsouline and comrades showed off some kettlebell exercises.
"Dumbbells are for wimps!" I was sore just from watching them.
Laura Mak was there promoting her awesome clothing line.
Valentina Chepiga, Juliette Bergmann, and Kat Meyers met fans in the booth.
Former Ms. Olympia Valentina Chepiga poses with current LightWeight Ms. Olympia Juliette Bergmann.
Russ DeLuca with bodybuilder Amber DeLuca (who aren't related).
Fans swamped Jay Cutler when he came out after pre-judging. "I don't know what else I could possibly do.", he said.
Is Troy Alves ever not smiling?

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