An Interview With 2007 NPC Nationals Fitness Competitor Alissa Carpio.

An interview with 2007 NPC Nationals competitor Alissa Carpio - Learn more about her background, training, and more as he prepares for the 2007 NPC Nationals. Check it out!

Questions For 2007 NPC Nationals Fitness Competitor Alissa Carpio

[ Q ] Please introduce yourself (name, occupation, how long bodybuilding & competing, best placings, etc.). Also please send a photo or two if you have one.

    Name: Alissa Carpio
    Occupation: Owner of Fit Figures (Personal Training & Competition Prep), Personal Trainer Sport & Health, NPC Fitness/Figure/Bodybuilding Competitor
    Years Training: 9
    Years Competing: 5

    Career Highlights:

      2004 VA State, Overall Fitness Champion
      2004 BodyRock/Monica Brant, Overall Fitness Champion
      2005 Jr. USA Fitness Tall, 1st Place
      2005 Nationals Fitness Tall, 3rd Place
      2007 MD Grand Prix, Overall Bodybuilding Champion

Alissa Carpio
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Alissa Carpio.

[ Q ] Will you try something different in the days leading into the show in comparison to what you have done in the past? If so what? And do you feel you are taking a risk of the new strategy backfiring?

    As far as peaking my physique, I will go back to the strategy I used in 2006. Earlier this year I played it safe by depleting harder and not carbing up as much and I didn't look as full and crisp. I will load earlier and with higher amounts for Nationals.

    I don't feel that this is a risk because I'm very aware of my body and how it reacts to carbs and water, and I've also used a similar strategy in the past.

    My fitness routine training has changed. I've started earlier and employed a more regimented and rigorous conditioning program. My routine has never been this good, as far out from a show as it is this year.

Alissa Carpio
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Alissa Carpio.

[ Q ] Is this show a team effort or have you prepared by yourself?

    I always feel show prep is a team effort. But this year, rather than rely on so many other people, I've placed God as my team leader. I've never had an easier contest prep (mentally) in my five years of competing. I am also very grateful for the support of my husband, Dave, and my close friends Andrea, Heather and Mark.


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Alissa Carpio

[ Q ] Who do you see as your main competition and why?

    Myself. In this sport, you can't make the mistake of measuring your progress by a placement. New people come in all the time, and there are new judges and new looks each one prefers. My biggest challenge for Nationals is to know that I've done my best and I am coming in to this show the most prepared and with the most complete package I've ever presented. And, hopefully it's what the judges like that day.

[ Q ] What is the strangest strategy you have practiced in preparation for the 2007 Nationals?

    I can't say I've done anything strange. Maybe the most contradictory to the "more is better" mindset, when I sense my body is overworked I just turn everything off and have a complete rest day to recharge. My body has reacted so much better by having less stress and demand.

Alissa Carpio
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Alissa Carpio.

[ Q ] Have you cheated on your diet? If so, how did you cheat?

    I've stayed on track and been consistent with the goals I set for myself. I guess my diet approach is different from many competitors - I allow myself foods that most people call "forbidden." As long as I see myself making my progress with leaning out and staying full, I don't stress about it.

[ Q ] What has been your main focus of motivation to be the best you can be come November 16th?

    Jesus. He is my motivation for everything in life. I realized last year after Team Universe that I can't please every man, but I can please God by doing my best and giving my all, all of the time. I want to show others that as long as they are doing their best, they should be happy and not try to be other people.

Alissa Carpio
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Alissa Carpio.

[ Q ] What supplements have been most beneficial for you contest preparation?

    Supplements are pretty crucial to my contest prep, especially since I'm a natural competitor. My foundation is a good multivitamin with mineral (a lot of people neglect the minerals). This year I've used both the Universal Animal Pak and the AST Multi-Pro 32X and have been extremely happy with them.

    I also supplement with a lot of immune boosters, and this year I added extra Vitamin C, Echinacea, and a Zinc/Calcium/Magnesium blend.

    My joints tend to bother me a lot from the high impact of the fitness routine, so I also use a pharmaceutical grade glucosamine blend. For workout energy, the BSN NO-Explode has been unparalleled with the results it's given me. I barely lost any strength and my energy has been high during the past 5 months.

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