Layne Norton Podcast Interview: Why Does Layne Love Leucine So Much?

In this episode, Dan Gastelu interviews guest Layne Norton! Layne will cover Leucine, protein metabolism, protein intake, etc. Learn more here...

Layne Norton Interview

Welcome to Interview # 3 in the Awesome Muscles™ Online Podcast Interview Series. This week, Dan Gastelu speaks with special guest, Layne Norton.

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In this interview, Layne Norton discusses interesting insights about Leucine and protein metabolism. Also covered is his exciting research to determine the optimum intake of protein at meals.

Layne Norton
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Layne Norton.

Layne also reveals what he estimates to be the ideal range of protein intake per meal for bodybuilders and other strength athletes. Also covered are: which type of protein stimulates muscles protein synthesis the most, making protein substances more anabolic, mTOR story and the leucine connection, plus other interesting nutrition topics!

What Does "mTOR" Stand For?
"mTOR" stands for Mammalian Target of Rapamycin, one of the body's protein synthesis regulators, energy sensors, and nutrient sensors of amino acid availability, specifically of leucine. mTOR is activated when ATP levels are high, and blocked when ATP levels are decreased. mTOR activation is vital for skeletal muscle hypertrophy.

Reference also the accompanying Adobe Reader document, "Related mTOR and Protein Supplement Articles by Daniel Gastelu" (PDF, 80 KB).

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