PerfNut Podcast: Marion Nestle & Ginger Southall Interview.

Dr. Antonio and IFBB Fitness Pro Carla Sanchez interview Marion Nestle, Ph.D. & Dr. Ginger Southall! Marion is a nutrition professor, researcher, and author. Ginger is a physician, athlete, and personal trainer. Glean their health secrets today!

Nestle & Southall Interview

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Interview with Marion Nestle, Ph.D. and Ginger Southall, D.C.
Professor & Doctor.

Topics: Power development; Food industry politics; Junk Food Marketing; Training Tip: Anaerobic fitness; Sex Tip: Why 13 is your lucky number!

July 23, 2006; 59:36 minutes; 13.6 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Professor & Researcher, Marion Nestle, Ph.D.

    Marion Nestle, Ph.D. is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, in the department that she chaired from 1988 through 2003. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in molecular biology and a Masters in Public Health nutrition, both from the University of California, Berkeley.

    Her research focuses on analysis of the scientific, social, cultural, and economic factors that influence the development, implementation, and acceptance of federal dietary guidance policies.

Marion Nestle
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Marion Nestle, Ph.D.

Physician & Athlete, Ginger Lea Southall, D.C.

    Ginger Lea Southall is a doctor, journalist, TV health & medical reporter, as well as an adventure sport athlete. Her health & medical background covers a wide and varied spectrum.

    She is a chiropractic physician, but has also worked for a team of cardiologists, treated patients in a sports rehab facility, consulted on joint replacements with surgeons in the operating room, and was a consultant for one of the world's largest developers of fitness products as seen on TV.

Marion Nestle
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Dr. Ginger Lea Southall

    She is also the former director of "The Trump Spa at Mar-a-Lago," Donald Trump's award winning spa in his private club in Palm Beach, FL. Dr. Southall was also the recipient of the "Personal Trainer of the Month" award by the ISSA (International Sport Science Association) and "Fitness Physician of the Year" by The New York Center for Strength and Performance for her contributions to the health and fitness industry.

    Dr. Southall also had her own monthly health column in the national outdoor enthusiast's periodical, Backpacker Magazine. Her ultimate goal is to climb the Seven Summits and to become the U.S. Surgeon General!