Pz's Perspective: Time To Be A Better Everything!

The struggles of the past years have been many and have kept even the most talented among us frustrated and down; but these obstacles have now been overcome ... Get a fresh perspective with these pointers to take motivation to the next level!

Natural Muscle, March 2007 Natural Muscle Magazine: March 2007.

The March issue of Natural Muscle is now available. This issue will showcase a chest workout, overcoming burnout, 10 laws of fat loss and much more! Check it out!

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Pz's Perspective

There's something about this New Year that feels good to me. It feels like people are poised to make things happen. The struggles of the past years have been many and kept even the most talented among us down. Here are some pointers for those looking to make their lives better.

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying - planning and dreaming - then what? What do you do with all those hopes and dreams? Do your goals ever become reality? Do your ideas ever make it into action?

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Or do they languish on the vine or worse yet become reduced to some sad, stale, all-too-familiar, could-a-been a contender stories repeated to anyone within earshot after too many brews on a Friday night?

There's something about this New Year that feels good to me. It feels like people are poised to make things happen. It feels like they are getting unstuck and out of the muck. It feels like they are on the other side of the struggle.

The struggles of the past years have been many and seemingly have kept even the most ambitious and talented among us frustrated and down; but these obstacles have now been overcome and are clearing the way for opportunity and accomplishment.

People are eager and prepared and ready. Look around you. There is already movement on many levels and many fronts. Do you see it? Can you feel it? Are you part of it?

But in order to turn that million dollar idea you and your wife hatched in your kitchen -- by accident, into more than an idea, you have to do better than you did in the past. In order to start that business you've been meaning to start you have to do better than you've previously done.

In order to win that competition you've always craved you have to do better than you have up until now. You're going to have to crank it up another notch. You have to decide to raise the bar a little higher on your life.

That means you'll have to train a little tougher, study a little harder, stick it out a little longer, commit a little firmer, persevere a little further. You have to do more and be more of what you used to do and who you used to be in order to ultimately get to where you want to be.

This is the time to go for the brass ring. For this to happen in your life you have to decide to make it so. The better you can be at any and all aspects of your life the better your chances at making those dreams and goals come true.

Pz's Pointers To Being A Better Everything

Be A Better Friend:

    Think of the individuals in your life who you can honestly call your friend and mean it. Think how you would react if they were gone and no longer here. What kind of emptiness or void would that leave in you? True and authentic friends are hard to come by. Seinfeld used to say you don't take applications for new friends over 35.

    I'm not so sure I totally agree with his sweeping generalization, but I will say it's hard to make new, meaningful, and lasting friendships at any age, must less as we get older. The friends we are lucky enough to have we should value and cherish. Don't take your friends for granted. Sometimes we treat strangers better. Real friends deserve the best we have to give.

Be A Better Friend
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Don't Take Your Friends For Granted.

Be A Better Citizen:

    The election last year changed the makeup of our Congress. Whether this makes you happy or not, the change came about because the American people got involved and made their voices heard. They voted and it counted. There has now been a shift in the power structure and those who have been sworn in and taken their elected seat need to live up to their part of the bargain.

    We have entrusted them with our future. It's called democracy. As citizens of a free land it is our responsibility to remain informed and stay abreast of the events that shape what lies ahead.

    The race for the White House has already begun. Don't sit idly by and believe this magical experiment called the United States of America is going to remain strong for long without the involvement of all its citizens. While not everyone will share the same philosophies and ideologies we all share the love of this country and the principles upon which it was founded.

    Our standing in the world is a bit tarnished and tattered at the moment but not without hope nor beyond the point of being repaired, Yes, we need to be mighty - it's a dangerous world with plenty of enemies who would revel in our destruction, but we also need to be mightily viewed if we intend to be the leader among nations. That reputation comes from more than our ability to wage war; it comes from our willingness to wage peace.

    Now is the time to do your part. Write your elected officials and tell them what you need from them. Become a part of a campaign, regardless of party affiliation. We take our freedom and our country for granted.

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    We expect we'll wake up tomorrow and it will still be there and the flag will still be flying and all will be well with the world. History clearly teaches us that lessons unlearned will repeat unless we all do our part at keeping America healthy in spirit and strong in character.

Be A Better Listener:

    Being a good listener is an unselfish way to go about life. That means you are putting yourself out there to genuinely pay attention to the one speaking. You listen because you care - not so much about what is being said, but because you are showing respect for the person who is saying it.

    Being a good listener is also a selfish way to go about life. When you stop to listen you can learn information you otherwise might never have known. Open your ears, close your mouth and give it a go. The more you listen the better you become.

Be A Better Listener
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The More You Listen The Better You Become.

Be A Better Customer:

    Waiting in line is a part of life. We all do quite a bit of it - and not well I might add. Sometimes it's in the grocery store or the bank or the gas station. Other times it's at an amusement park or movie theater or concert event. In all of these cases you are the customer.

    Remember if you can show patience and be civil, even in the most taxing of circumstances the whole experience can go smoother and more folks will follow suit. Just because you are a customer doesn't mean you are always right. Sorry, but I don't believe in that motto.

    People can be real jerks and idiots and be anything but right in their interaction with others. Just because you are spending your money doesn't entitle you to be difficult or demanding. Don't give people a hard time because you can. You always get so much further when you deal in kindness or sweetness as opposed to being rude or hateful. Be a better customer and you're surer to receive better service.

Be A Better Employer/Employee:

    People in positions of power sometimes forget what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence. Their authority has gone to their heads and they rule foolishly or with an iron fist. An organization is only as good as its leader at the top. Everything trickles down from there.

    If you are in a position where you have power over others be more cognizant of that power. If someone's livelihood is in your hands be respectful of exactly what that means. If you are cruel or condescending to employees you will not get their respect or their best effort.

Be A Better Example
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Be More Cognizant Of Your Power.

    If you are fair and compassionate, you'll get so much more productivity and commitment from your staff. As an employee in a world where job security is all but a distant memory, it's hard to build a sense of loyalty among people where there is so little stability. That doesn't mean we can't change the face of the workforce for the future.

    From McDonald's to Wall Street, if we all take pride in what we do and give the job and our employer our best effort we can begin to regain some of the gung-ho workplace confidence once so prevalent in our nation's history.

Be A Better Advocate:

    What is important to you? What cause would you champion if you could wake up tomorrow and be part of something else, something bigger than yourself? Bono is a great example with his advocacy for Africa. This rock legend lends his name and his support to this cause in a huge way.

    None of us have that kind of mass influence or clout, but that doesn't mean we can't still be involved somehow in something that will make us feel more connection to humanity on a larger scale.

    I recently found out a friend of mine has been feeding the homeless on a weekly basis in an area of our community. What started off as a few hamburgers and fries has now turned into something quite bigger than he expected. It's an indicator of how great the needs of the misfortunate and downtrodden really are.

    Even though this act of kindness seems small as compared to what Bono is doing, it is anything but small. Anytime one reaches out to help feed strangers out of the kindness of their heart and for no recognition or motive, they are to be applauded and commended. Each of us can do something and every little bit helps to make a bad situation a little better.

Be A Better Consumer:

    Whether the reports about global warming are accurate or exaggerated doesn't matter. We can all be better consumers. Think of how wasteful we have become as individuals and as a society. Spoiled and reckless we fail to appreciate the vast wealth and limited resources of our nation and fail to recognize the ramifications if we continue to squander that wealth and those resources. We can all be better. We can all pass on the message.

Be A Better Consumer
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We Can All Be Better.

Be A Better Example:

    Everyday there are chances to make an impact on someone somewhere. Maybe it's at home behind closed doors with family. Maybe it's out at lunch with friends. Maybe you coach soccer. Maybe you teach karate.

    Maybe you're a waiter or a pastor or a mechanic or a doctor. Maybe you're a writer. Live your life like the world is watching. Live your life as the best example you can be. Others will see and be touched or affected in some small or profound way.

Be A Better Example
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Live Your Life Like The World Is Watching.

Be A Better Lover:

    Everyone in a relationship listen up - especially you guys! It's hard over the course of time to maintain a high level of intimacy and passion in a relationship, and partners are not always on the same page when it comes to the act and the art of making love.

    Life can get in the way. It's up to you to do your part to keep the relationship fresh. If things have gotten off track or monotonous or boring, it's up to you to change or fix whatever is broken. Sometimes people get selfish, and it's all about them and their needs.

    Give unselfishly to your partner. Switch things up and make yourself available and desirable. Make the first move when least expected. Say yes when you're tired or you don't want to be bothered. If you have kids, purposely find time apart from them to be alone.

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    Communicate and share your feelings, even if it's not something you're comfortable doing. Listen to what your partner is saying. If your relationship matters, if your partner matters, then being a better lover can only improve upon what you already have. If you love your partner, what's not to love about that?

A Lesson From Zachary

Just today I had the pleasure of speaking with a delightful and adorable young 9-year-old named Zachary. Already Zach knows what he wants to be in life. First, he wants to play football - probably wide-receiver. Baseball is another love of his and he can actually hit from both sides making him an invaluable asset to his T-ball team.

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Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter are his heroes (along with his dad) and Zach is determined that one day he'll play these sports on a scale beyond his current level of Little League. Oh, and in addition, Zach is going to be an actor.

He and his 8-year-old sister are seasoned veterans when it comes to the audition process for modeling, commercials and films, and he has learned the cold world of rejection when the part is given to another boy who is deemed better suited for the role.

The wonderful thing about Zach, and what struck me most, is this little guy isn't just talking the talk, but he's walking the walk. He has a wide-eyed enthusiasm for life that we adults could stand to emulate. Shy, yet confident, Zach sees himself as a winner in life.

His goals are lofty by any standards but for him are much in reach. He isn't sitting around playing video games for hours in a dark room. With the encouragement and support of his loving parents, he's doing what it takes to be a better football player, a better baseball player, a better actor, a better student and, it appears, a better person.

At age 9 he has his whole life ahead of him and plenty of time to be good at something, but for Zachary the time to be good at everything is now. The same can be said for the rest of us.

About The Author:

    Pz is a motivational writer specializing in the area of relationships and the human condition. Have a topic you would like to feature? Contact Pz with ideas, questions, or comments: pzpower@aol.com

Reprinted with permission from Natural Muscle Magazine.

Natural Muscle, March 2007 Natural Muscle Magazine: March 2007.

The March issue of Natural Muscle is now available. This issue will showcase a chest workout, overcoming burnout, 10 laws of fat loss and much more! Check it out!

Download the March 2007 Issue (PDF Format):

    March 2007. PDF (26.5 MB)