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Do you use MySpace? Of course you do! And so do about 9,999 other bodybuilders and fitness/figure competitors, too! Are you cool enough, however, to be on 'the list'? And use our sweet customization codes to trick out your MySpace profile - for free!

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    MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Backgrounds
    Get a free bodybuilding/fitness-related background image for your MySpace profile. Just copy & paste the image URL into your favorite MySpace profile editor - it couldn't be simpler!

    MySpace Badges MySpace Badges
    Connect your MySpace world with your BodySpace world with these sweet, yet unobtrusive, MySpace badges. Use our handy form to personalize your link and help publicize your BodySpace profile!

    MySpace Layouts MySpace Layouts
    The ultimate in MySpace muscle! Just copy & paste this code into your MySpace settings and watch as your profile undergoes some serious hypertrophy right before your eyes!

    MySpace Profiles MySpace Profiles
    Who uses MySpace, anyway? You'd be surprised! Join the ranks of Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Gary Strydom, Shawn Ray, and Mariusz Pudzianowski - and don't forget the ladies...

    BodySpace Profiles Anyone Famous On BodySpace?
    Who uses BodySpace, anyway? You'd be surprised! Join the ranks of Valerie Waugaman, Jamie Eason, Adela Garcia, Luke Wood, Milos Sarcev, Lonnie Teper, and don't forget the NPC competitors...

    BodySpace! BodySpace!
    Love MySpace? Wish there was one specifically for bodybuilding & fitness? Introducing BodySpace: it's like MySpace on steroids! Check out the all new BodySpace Beta today!

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