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2008 Supplement Awards Interview: MuscleTech Strives For Quality!

MuscleTech is committed to innovation and has developed some of the most ground-breaking sports supplements for building muscle, losing fat, and supporting fitness lifestyles... Here's more.

By: Jaime Filer

When you think "MuscleTech®", you should think RESEARCH. Research has always been the backbone of their philosophy. They're dedicated to developing very effective supplements in the world. That's why they have always had a progressive product research and development philosophy.

To date, they've funded 100 research studies, including recent research trials at Baylor University, the University of Nottingham, the University of Laval, St. Francis Xavier University, McMaster University, and the University of Toronto.

They are committed to innovation and have developed some of the most ground-breaking sports supplements for building muscle, losing fat, and supporting fitness lifestyles - products that contribute to helping people reach their goals.

The team of researchers at this company strive to ensure that you, the consumer, receive the highest quality products available. At the manufacturing level, they work with the world's largest whey-protein manufacturers to develop products that provide the highest quality proteins and greatest consistency.

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MuscleTech Wins Breakout Brand
Of The Year For 2007.

View More Pics From The 2007 Supplement Awards.

They also work hard by combining the efforts and talents of North America's top food scientists and culinary experts in order to create superior-tasting nutritional supplements considered to be among the best-tasting in the industry.

The Team MuscleTechTM researchers will continue to form alliances with prominent researchers in the field of sports nutrition. We fully intend to set the standard by which this industry formulates and tests its products.

In keeping with that commitment, their products are subject to an ongoing quality-control program that includes having every lot of every product tested for various elements, including microbial testing. Also, audits are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that product manufacturers are qualified to produce high-quality MuscleTech products in accordance with the FDA's (current) Good Manufacturing Practice.

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I was wondering what everyone thought about this product. I've been taking the CellTech before I workout and then the NitroTech after I workout.
Started By:

They take great pride in producing the very best sports supplements. By continuing our commitment to research, they're formulating sports supplements that are designed to work when combined with diet and exercise - including innovative supplements designed for those who are following a carbohydrate-controlled lifestyle.

When searching for supplements that can help push your aspirations to new heights, know that you can trust these supplements. Supplements that work!

Jaime Filer Supplement Interview

[ Q ] You're up for the "Best Ads of the Year" award. What is it that draws so many consumers to read your ads?

    [ A ] First of all, it's an honor to be nominated in this category, along with 12 other categories for a total of 16 nominations. This unprecedented acceptance by the bodybuilding community is something that everyone at Team MuscleTech holds in the highest regard and we want to thank them for recognizing our commitment to engineering the best supplements in the world.

    To answer your question, our researchers are bodybuilders too (the Team MuscleTech headquarters houses a more than 3,000 square-foot fitness facility and muscle physiology lab).

    So they know that bodybuilders are concerned with one thing - results. That's why the special ad reports you see in the magazines aim to promote the decades of hard science, clinical testing and groundbreaking sports science and muscle physiology research that the company was founded on.

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MuscleTech Wins Breakout Brand
Of The Year For 2007.

View More Pics From The 2007 Supplement Awards.

    In fact, our researchers thoroughly read and review every single ad report before it gets published. And if they don't have the hard facts, clinical studies and pages of research to prove every single claim and statement made, it never gets published.

[ Q ] Who do you think is your main competition in the "Brand of the Year" and "Best Supplement" categories?

    [ A ] There are a lot of companies out there, but since its inception more than 11 years ago, our team is, and will always be, concerned solely with its own advancement.

    Our mission statement is: "To continuously research, develop, patent and produce the most effective diet and sports supplements in the world." But it's not just a mission statement, it's something each and every team researcher lives by.

    It's our brass ring, so to speak. The fruits of our labor: more than 100 published studies and abstracts on MuscleTech products and their ingredients in some of the world's most prestigious and respected medical journals.

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NaNO Vapor Wins New Product
Of The Year For 2007.

View More Pics From The 2007 Supplement Awards.

    Our researchers have worked with leading universities all over the world such as the University of Nottingham, University of Florida, University of Milan, Baylor University and University of Toronto, to name only a few. And this is simply the beginning. We promise to continue to bring bodybuilders and hardcore athletes the best sports and diet supplements validated with the very latest scientific research!

[ Q ] If/when nominated, what are other products in the MuscleTech line that you think could be winners next year, and why?

    [ A ] The doctor-led team of researchers at our company devote so much time and research to developing each supplement that we hope they all win awards. For example, supplements like Hydroxycut Hardcore, Nitro-Tech® Hardcore and Cell-TechTM Hardcore are each backed by research that spans a decade.

    As another example, to engineer naNO VaporTM, our researchers dissected 2,180 research studies on the ingredients.

Hydroxycut Hardcore MuscleTech Presents:
Hydroxycut Hardcore

When the goal is to get completely diced, everybody can use a little help. This is where Hydroxycut Hardcore America's #1 hardcore fat burner plays a starring role.
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    As for next year, we have a few top-secret supplement formulas currently in the works. Actually, some are on the verge of being released to the public. And by this time next year, we'll have launched a brand new crop of innovations that are bound to take the entire bodybuilding community by storm.

[ Q ] Do you have any new products that have been great sellers this year?

    [ A ] ANABOLIC HALOTM is our newest product and we're proud to say that it has become one of the best selling post-workout anabolic formula in Americ

Anabolic Halo MuscleTech Presents:
Anabolic Halo

The ANABOLIC HALO Cometh! It forces its way into you... Through you... Around you. Its subzero shock takes over. It engages an anabolic phenomenon from within... Leaving your muscles with no choice but to grow.
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    In fact, since it hit Bodybuilding.com and store shelves in January, our manufacturers have had to constantly increase production just to keep up with demand. Some of the great feedback we've received from the bodybuilding community includes how much bodybuilders love to stack ANABOLIC HALO with naNO Vapor - one of the best pre-workout formulas in America.

[ Q ] What makes Nitro-Tech Hardcore a standout product?

    [ A ] In one word - science. When our researchers engineered this product they were concerned with one factor - results. They spent years developing the formula - a formula that's miles ahead of the competition. This isn't my opinion - this is science.

    In a third-party, clinical study conducted at the University of Saskatchewan, this product went head-to-head against regular whey protein. The results speak for themselves - Those subjects taking it gained 24 times more solid muscle in only 28 days (2.75 vs. 0.11 lbs.). And as always, we have the published abstract to prove it: Swain, M., et al. (2000). J. Amer. Coll. Nutr. 19(5):A706.

[ Q ] How does it make you feel, as a company representative, to know that Nitro-Tech Hardcore is consistently among the top best-selling products on Bodybuilding.com every single month, every year?

    [ A ] Extremely proud! Our researchers have worked with multiple muscle physiology experts around the world. Those experts have been recognized internationally for their leading-edge research many times.

Nitro-Tech Hardcore MuscleTech Presents:
Nitro-Tech Hardcore

Backed by research spanning a decade, doctor formulated Nitro-Tech Hardcore is the top selling protein formula! More bodybuilders have used Nitro-Tech Hardcore to build head-turning muscle and steal the spotlight than any other protein formula in the world!
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    But there is no honor higher than being chosen by the very same people our supplements are designed for - bodybuilders. And because of bodybuilders all over the world, including everyone on Bodybuilding.com, Nitro-Tech Hardcore is one of the best selling muscle-building protein formulas.

[ Q ] What does the future of Team MuscleTech hold?

    [ A ] I'm glad you asked. In recent months, our researchers have been able to do what nobody else in the supplement industry has done. In fact, one of our newest innovations is so remarkable that it's set to have an impact on bodybuilding the likes of which have not been seen since the discovery of creatine - and we all know the effect that creatine had on bodybuilding.

    Researchers on our team are in the final development stages of a brand new arsenal of supplements that we're extremely proud of. I don't want to give too much away right now, but I promise that the bodybuilding community will be among the first to find out!

    Of course, you can always expect leading-edge innovations from Team MuscleTech. Even as we speak, our researchers continue to work with doctors and muscle physiology experts all over the world as they delve deeper into the science of sports supplementation to bring you, the bodybuilding community, the best bodybuilding supplements in the world!

2008 Supplement Awards Interview: MuscleTech Strives For Quality!

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