MuscleTech Rise And Grind: Week 6, Day 42

Congratulations on Rising and Grinding through 42 days of hard work! Take stock of where you're at, then take aim at your next goal!

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You did it! You're one of the few people who dedicate the time and energy to fully complete an intensive training program. For that, you should be proud. Use today to reflect on how far you've come. Each and every week of this program, you've built upon what you've learned, pushing more weight, nailing more reps, and getting your workouts and meals right, even when life wants you to go wrong.

Along the way, you've gained muscle mass and strength, but you've also gained the sorts of healthy habits that can sustain you for a lifetime.

But your journey is not yet done. Really, it's just started. If you liked the five-on, two-off approach of Rise and Grind, you can continue in the same path by following either of my two other programs for, AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer or Duel: 6-Week Partner-Based Muscle-Building Plan. Both will dovetail perfectly with what you've been doing for the last six weeks while providing enough of a change of pace to give your body a new stimulus.

Want more options? You'll find dozens of them on's Find a Plan page!

Whatever you do, don't stop now. You've earned the privilege of continuing to grow, learn, and above all, to Rise and Grind.

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