Muscle Nerd Video Teacher - Fixing The 3 Most Common Exercise Mistakes!

The Muscle Nerd is here for you in your battle to lose fat and gain muscle. Listen in and watch right here... This week's show covers details about three common exercise mistakes and offers some solutions!

Welcome to Muscle Nerd University! Jeff Anderson, "The Muscle Nerd," is here for you in your battle to lose fat and gain muscle. Listen in and watch right here.

In this episode, learn about three common exercise mistakes such as attempting too much, inadequate energy, and lack of recording. Watch and learn some ways of fixing these problems!

3 Big Mistakes That Will Keep You Out Of The Gym! 3 Big Mistakes That Will Keep You Out Of The Gym!
Common mistakes made with some common exercises will eventually give you some major aches. Find out some ways to avoid these injuries and keep your workout going full speed.
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The 3 Most Common Exercise Mistakes

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Thanks for watching this Muscle Nerd University video production! Check back later for more training and nutrition lessons - all available for free to educate you in the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle! Consider yourself schooled.

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