Muscle & Fitness - October 2008 Issue Preview: Adrian Peterson Speed & Power!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

October 2008

Muscle & Fitness October 2008 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: October 2008.

The October issue of Muscle & Fitness showcases Adrian Peterson (NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year): speed & power, six week burn muscle & fat plan, four workouts to improve your game and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the cover story about Run, Adrian, Run!

Table Of Contents, October 2008
Cover Story Training & Fitness Nutrition & Supplements
Run Adrian Run
Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson doesn't rely on a wellspring of souped-up genetics for his success - he works just as hard as any running back in the NFL.
By Joe Wuebben
124 Explosive Burn Training
Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously with this unique approach to mass gain and fat reduction.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Jon Finkel
74 Get Big and Lean
These seven mass-building supplements have an added bonus: They can help you get lean, too.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Eric Velazquez
NFL Strength Team
Bigger. Faster. Stronger. M&F rates the best of the best in the NFL.
By The M&F Staff
138 Fine-Tune Your Abs in Four Weeks
With some hard labor, your midsection will be rock-solid and ready for action by the end of the month.
By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS
96 10 Hidden Physique Killers
In the wrong form, these 10 popular bodybuilding foods can undermine even the most inspired efforts in the gym.
By Matthew G. Kadey, MS, RD
Ironclad Cardio
You don't need treadmills and stair-steppers to shed unwanted weight. This iron-based workout sears your fat and strengthens your heart.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Eric Velazquez
20 Most Asked Questions
We gathered a slate of experts to answer your most urgent queries on workouts and muscle growth. Use their answers to supercharge your bodybuilding success.
By The M&F Staff
Inclined To Grow
Phil Heath knows how to pack on muscle. Here's the chest workout that helped him cruise to victory at the 2008 Ironman Pro.
By Mark THorpe
Cover Girl Muscle
IFBB figure pro Jelena Abbou's arm routine helps lend balance to her head-turning body.
By Mark THorpe
Athletic Support
Ready to rule the court, gridiron or diamond? Use this sport-specific training program to improve your prowess in whatever game you play.
By David Sandler, MS, CSCS
Features Departments Columns
Educating the Masses
A new study released by Harvard Medical School confirms what Joe Weider has preached for more than half a century: Exercise can save your life.
By Joe Weider
248 Training Notebook
Workout of the Month: A Show of Hams
By Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS

Sports-Minded: The Big Picture
By Chris Gizzi, PES, CES, USAW

Strength Lab: Two to One
By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Pimp My Workout: Back in Business
By Joe Wuebben

Kinesiology: Standing Cable Twist
By David Sandler, MS, CSCS

Ask Arnold: Pectoral Pointers
By Arnold Schwarzenegger
2636 Masthead 20
Model Tianna Ta tells us what it takes to say "O" in front of the camera. BY MARK THORPE
By Mark Thorpe
256 Nutrition Notebook
Chromium Cuts Cortisol
By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Milk: It Does a Bodybuilder Good
By Tabatha Elliott, PhD
2636 On the Web 26
By Peter McGough
By Joe Weider
Feedback/Success Stories
The Edge
Edited By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Mark Thorpe
Big Time
By Mark Thorpe
Industry Beat
The Marketplace
Strong Words
By Jon Finkel