Muscle & Fitness Hers - July/August 2009 Excerpt: Working Out With A Kardashian!

Of course, with one of the greatest athletes of all time as her stepfather, Kardashian was no stranger to exercise. Here's an excerpt from the M&F Hers July/August Issue: 'Working out with a Kardashian'. Check it out!

Of course, with one of the greatest athletes of all time as her stepfather, Kardashian was no stranger to exercise. "Bruce [Jenner] worked out for 12 years straight training for the Olympics," she says.

"Growing up, we'd have these family fitness days. We'd go run the track at Pepperdine University or go on 10-mile bike rides through Malibu. I definitely learned a lot about fitness being around him." Says Kim Kardashian.

"When I got the offer to do Dancing With the Stars, I thought I'd finally get into great shape," she says. "I had heard all these stories about how good of a workout the dancing is, but I didn't stay on the show long enough to get the effects. Afterward, I wanted to get in shape and I wanted a goal."

But even Jenner, 1976 U.S. Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon, couldn't train his stepdaughter how to survive as a voluptuous woman in a waiflike-woman town like Los Angeles. "I'm curvy and shapely, and when I see magazine cover models who are flawless and have perfect bodies, I think to myself, "What planet are they from? Where did they get these crazy genes?"

Kardashian says this last sentence with a tone of frustration, the same one many women use when discussing this very topic. It's the inflection that proves what people have been saying for a long time: The female physique being pushed by Hollywood and the fashion industry is woefully unrealistic.

That's why, despite being pictured on the covers of dozens of magazines as a sex symbol, celebrity and pitch woman, getting on the cover of M&F hers as a fitness model really means something to Kardashian.

Muscle & Fitness Hers July/August 2009
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Getting On The Cover Of M&F Hers As A Fitness Model
Really Means Something To Kardashian.

"I used to go to the gym with my brother, and I'd just walk on the treadmill," she says. "I'd watch him start running and wish I could do that. My original goal was to be able to run fast on a treadmill for a long time." Seems simple enough, but for someone who used to lie about working out to her boyfriend, it was a big step.

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