Muscle & Fitness - January 2010 Issue Preview: 3 Steps To Powerful Legs!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

January 2010

Muscle & Fitness January 2010 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: January 2010.

The January issue of Muscle & Fitness features 3 steps to powerful legs. Other features include using chains for big gains, flye-focused workout and much more! Check it out!

Table Of Contents, January 2010
Training & Fitness Features Nutrition
High Voltage
Train your three energy systems
94 Ice Maiden
Speed skater Amanda Baver cools off.
192 Fuel The Beast
The best foods for energy.
Linked Mass
Use chains for big gains.
142 Bottle Rockets
Use these five pre-workout supplements to prep your body for the big time.
Triple Threat
Prime your pins with this three-part leg workout.
170 Bachelor Food
Even with little in the way of money or recognizable kitchen skills, you can prepare muscle meals that actually taste good.
Push On Through
Punish your pecs with this unique pressing and flye-focused workout.
Atmospheric Pressure
Can't put your finger on the malaise that has you plateaued far from your goals? It's probably the girl-pop atmosphere of your gym.
Body Of Work
Eight athletes tell you how they train their most prized bodyparts.