Muscle & Fitness - February 2009 Issue Preview: Peace Through Strength!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

February 2009

Muscle & Fitness February 2009 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: February 2009.

The February issue of Muscle & Fitness showcases training in a war zone. Other features include ultimate 4-week starter guide, caveman training and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the cover story Peace Through Strength!

Table Of Contents, February 2009
Features, Training & Fitness Nutrition & Supplements Featured Departments
Death of an Icon
When IFBB co-founder Ben Weider died on Oct. 17, the sport of bodybuilding - which he helped put on the map - lost one of its strongest advocates.
By Peter McGough
38 The M&F Guide to Basic Nutrition
The 10 fundamentals of eating for size that'll change the way the world sees you.
By Chris Aceto
126 Training Notebook
Workout of the Month: Shouldering the Load
By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS

One-Minute Lesson: Widen Your Horizons
By Chris Gizzi, PES, CES, USAW

Pimp My Workout: Here's the Capper
By Joe Wuebben

Strength Lab: Lateral Damage
By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Kinesiology: One-Arm Cable Rear-Delt Raise
By David Sandler, MS, CSCS

Ask Arnold: Bolder Shoulders
By Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peace Through Strength
In the Gulf of Oman, the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan stays in fighting shape with discipline and heavy lifts.
By Eric Velazquez
144 Insulin Insight
Insulin can be the best of muscle-building friends, or the worst. Here are six things you need to know.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD
246 Nutrition Notebook
Try Some Trehalose
By Jim Stoppani, PHD

Spike Your AOC
By Tabatha Elliott, PHD

Academic Aminos
By Jim Stoppani, PHD
Tough Texan
Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams is a human wrecking ball who uses the gym to perfect his game.
By Jon Finkel
230 Masthead
Fine-Tune Your Triceps in Four Weeks
This month-long triceps torture test will add size, detail and separation to the part of your arm most often neglected.
By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS
80 On the Web
The Complete M&F Beginner's Training Guide
Whether you're just starting out or returning to the gym after a long absence, this program will change your life, and your physique, in four short weeks.
By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS, and Joe Wuebben
102 Perspective
By Joe Weider
New Year, New You
In only three months, you can make good on that resolution to be stronger, bigger and leaner than ever.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD, Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS, and Jon Finkel
170 Feedback/Success Stories
Primal Scheme
Strongman disciplines. High-intensity training. Towel-drenching cardio. In other words, Caveman Training - the newest craze in MMA.
By Eric Velazquez
196 The Edge
Edited By Jim Stoppani, PhD and Mark Thorpe
The Good, the Bad and the Shrugly
Everything you ever wanted to know about traps, and how to train them for size and strength.
By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS, and Jon Finkel
216 Big Time
Edited By Mark Thorpe
Swede Delts
IFBB figure pro Pauline Nordin shows how she built some of the best delts in the business, and how you can cap your shoulders, too.
By Jon Finkel
260 Industry Beat
The Marketplace
Strong Words
By Jon Finkel