Q&A #4 With Mike Roussell - What The Readers Want To Know!

In this edition of What Readers Want to Known I'll answer questions about Purple Wraath, EAA’s, CLA, and what types of grains to use besides the monotony of rice. Check it out!

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[ Q ] I just got a free sample of Purple Wraath and have been thinking about supplementing with essential amino acids. What do you think?


    A: Hey. I also received a sample of Purple Wraath. I'm not a huge fan of purple flavored drinks so Purple Wraath isn't for me but it does look like a solid product.

    Before you start supplementing with essential amino acids (EAA) you need to make sure that you are getting enough calories and your nutrition is in check. Check out my "Fine Tuning Your Physique" Series to see if you are covering all your nutritional bases.

    Now about let's look at the ingredients in Purple Wraath. First off you are getting 7 grams of EAA's. Another popular trend now is supplementing with branched chain amino acids (BCAA's). You should know that all the BCAA's are considered essential amino acids.

    So if you are supplementing with EAA's then you are getting BCAA's. There is no need to take them both at the same time (i.e. Don't take an EAA and BCAA supplement before your workout). Both EAA and BCAA supplements contain leucine. Leucine may be the key ingredient to both but research hasn't completely delineated the exact roles of all the amino acids in muscle growth.

    Leucine is a key regulator of protein synthesis. If you want to learn more about leucine I recommend that you listen to the Awesome Muscle's Podcast where Layne Norton was interviewed, he's a leucine expert.

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    The other important ingredient in Purple Wraath is Beta-Alanine. I think that beta-alanine is the most exciting supplement to hit the market in YEARS. Controlled Labs doesn't list the exact amount of beta-alanine that is found in Purple Wraath but I would hypothesize that it is somewhere between 1-2 grams.

    To really get the most out of beta-alanine, I recommend that you supplement with 6 grams per day spread throughout the day. The easiest way to do this is get a pure beta-alanine supplement in addition to Purple Wraath.

    The next question is when should you take Purple Wraath or another EAA supplement (another good EAA supplement is Primal EAA by Primaforce). 15-20 minutes prior to your workout is the best time. This will help prime your body for a productive training session and subsequent recovery.

Fine Tune Your Physique - Beyond Beginner Nutrition. Fine Tune Your Physique.
After mastering the basic nutritional principles for beginners you may be wondering what is next? This article is going to cover the other nutritional strategies you can implement for even greater optimization.
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[ Q ] Mike, I'm trying to drop some body fat and I hear that CLA is good for fat loss. Is there any research to support this?

    A: I've actually started using NOW Foods CLA myself. I talk about a recent scientific review of the studies that involve CLA in Episode 5 of my radio show, Max-Out Radio. If you listen to that you'll hear that I discuss the various studies that examined fat loss and CLA.

Charles Staley

Max-Out Radio, Show #5: Charles Staley
Date: 11/19/2006

    The short answer is that a dosage of 3.4 grams/day has been consistently shown to be effective at aiding in fat loss. You'll want to spread the dosage throughout the day and make sure to take it with food so that it won't get burned off as energy (after all CLA is a fat).

    Game Over

    Make sure that you have a well thought out nutritional approach though. If you're new to dieting for optimal fat loss make sure to do some research here at Bodybuilding.com or get the cut diet book GAME OVER.

    It is less than $4 but the information within the book is worth 25 times that.

[ Q ] You do a lot with cooking and recipes. Can you recommend another grain to me? I'm sooo sick of rice.

    A: No problem. First you should make sure you are not limiting your options with rice.


      There is brown rice, plain white rice, and basmati rice. Even though they are all rices they have different flavors and textures. White rice is best with Asian dishes or mixed with scrambled egg whites.

      Basmati rice goes really well with Indian dishes or anything with curry. Finally brown rice, this is extremely versatile and it has a great nutty flavor (not to mention more fiber than either of the other rices).

    Favorite Grains:

      My three favorite other grains are quinoa, amaranth, and oats. Quinoa and amaranth are considered ancient grains as they were popular a LONG time ago but have been making a huge resurgence lately and can commonly be found in supermarkets (previously health food stores were the only places to get them). Quinoa is a neat grain because it is a complete protein (contains all the essential amino acids) while most grains are not.

Anyone Soak Or Otherwise Prepare Their Grains? Anyone Soak Or Otherwise Prepare Their Grains?
"If you do, youll know what im talking about. I might put some links here later if I find suitable ones, but the basic idea is the 'raw' grains and nuts are significantly less healthful than somehow prepared ones, at least in part due to enzyme inhibitors and ligands such as phytic acid which chelate mineral ions in the gut, preventint their absorption."
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      I'm sure you are eating oats (what bodybuilder doesn't). I like to go back and forth between rolled oat and steel cut oats. Steel cut oats take longer to cook but they are worth the wait as they taste really good. I find them much more filling than rolled oats too.

      All those grain options should keep you busy and your nutrition exciting. Good Luck.

Which Is Your Favorite Grain?


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