If We Don't Dream, We Will Never Succeed!

Learn the secrets of the Colombian Princess on how to make your dreams come true!

Overcoming adversity seems to be a way of life. I don't want to come off sounding melodramatic but in simplistic terms life is a series of goals and objectives. Adversity doesn't have to always be a snapshot in a negative picture frame but instead let's frame it by a more positive word: challenge.

Today I spent a few mesmerizing moments captured breathlessly within the confines of my own website. Ego? No - amazement that I have been able to accomplish something that seemed so far away, out of my reach in such a short time. I can recall the first time backstage where I tried to summon the nerve to walk out onto a stage with 6-inch pointed heels.

dot Keep On Dreaming dot

    Only, later to hold up a trophy so high - smile so hard that it hurt, tears streaming down my face. The feeling is tremendous, beyond imagination, once felt, coveted for life.

    Within life there will always be times that we must dig down deep and find some resource of grit, courage or a way to continue when faced with things that are beyond our control or that have surfaced out of now where - life's unexpected adversities.

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The Feeling Is Beyond Imagination.

    However this article is written for the dreamers. Those who create their own positive challenges and stare into the eyes of the obstacles that will for sure block your path and dare you to overcome their perilous landscape.

    When I hear the word visualization I think dream. I can't personally visualize myself being able to fly but I certainly can dream about it. There is such a more mesmerizing meaning and feeling within the world of dreams.


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Dare To Dream!
How many missed opportunities for joy and fulfillment are waiting for you, right now as you read this?
Sherry Gideons

    Within our dreams we can easily go above and beyond normal expectations or abilities. If you think about it, an entire world has been built upon countless dreams. From the beginning of time and hopefully until the end of it, the world will continue to evolve through dreams.

    No matter who you are or what you look like, what you hope to do or what you want to do you can dream. And no one person can be robbed of his or her dreams! We all should know that winners dared to dream!

    Dreaming makes us feel wonderful. I know I could spend a long time dreaming about having lots of money or being famous. Who couldn't?

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Dreaming Makes Us Feel Wonderful.

    But unfortunately in this day and age our lives are filled with stress - ten, twelve, or more hour workdays, traffic, financial woes, terrorism threats, and many more reasons to feel tired and worn out. We hit the pillow at night exhausted. Dreaming becomes less frequent or less fulfilling.

    The other night my husband made a comment about our son's creativity and imagination. The comment had something to do about innocence and stress. My son was in his room playing by himself with a couple of action figures. And from listening to him play as I checked out my website grew the motivation to write this article.

    He was somewhere inside his very own make believe world fighting some fantastic and wondrous battle. As I clicked through the pages of my website a feeling of awe came over me - never would I have thought that some of my accomplishment would have become a reality.

My Dream Came True.
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My Dream Came True.
Well, I finally did something that I have wanted to do for a long time on Saturday night. I did my first fitness routine!
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    As I stared at some of the pictures I recalled memories of when I was a little girl growing up in Colombia, South America. We were very poor. My mother ran a small store out of our living room and I used to get a new dress once per year, right around Christmas time.

    I used to dream so much, so very much. Dreams and not giving up have gotten me where I am today. I am just like everyone else; my life is full of everyday stress, I go to sleep most nights exhausted and wake up feeling the same. But I always find sometime during the day to play in my own make believe world.

    I don't fight fantastic and wondrous battles between Spiderman and the Green Goblin like my son, but I do imagine getting out of a limousine and smiling for all the flashing cameras or having many more clients thank me for helping them achieve what they thought not possible.

dot Choosing Wisely dot

    In my make-believe world everything is perfect, just the way it ought to be. When I choose to leave it I am refreshed and invigorated. It is in these worlds that we all most find time to visit and live in - for but even a brief moment in time.

    Our mind is an incredible playground, the sun is always shining, and the temperature is always perfect. The people we love the most will always be there. It is our choosing for who to invite and what to play.

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Our Mind Is An Incredible Playground.

    As I said before, I wrote this article out of a flash of motivation coupled with realism of where I am today. Hoping to share with you my thoughts and feelings of dreaming. How it all fits into bodybuilding, getting fit or nutrition is up to you.

    I am certainly hoping that it will rekindle some deep feelings and emotions and in turn make you think deeper. I honestly believe that man and woman were created equal. And no matter how difficult life is there still is a whole beautiful world choked full of wondrous things awaiting you.