Surviving The Holidays!

The following items are some tips I recommend to help you avoid unwanted holiday gains. Tips and workout program included!

I believe we can almost all agree that from November 20 to the beginning of January we are in the Holiday period of the year.

If you are like me this means that you will be eating and drinking more, hanging out with family and friends (who most likely don't work out and eat properly), and having 100 more things added to your "to do" list! I am not sure about you, but this means weight gain! Yuck! As hard as I try, I usually gain around 5-10 ugly pounds!

Holiday Tips

The following items are some tips I recommend to help you (and I!) avoid this unwanted gain:

Where's the gym?

If you are traveling to see family, make sure you plan ahead and know where the gym is located, what the holiday hours are and see if you can talk a cousin or two into going with you to the gym.

It would be a great time to help someone in your family start to train and you can spend some time with them too..or maybe if that person trains already and can help you out with some tips!

Daily Planner

Plan ahead to know when you will be able to get to the gym. Mark it in your day planner and keep the day planner open so you can see your schedule at all times!

Bring them with you

Pack your running shoes and/or gym shoes, workout clothes, gloves or straps, heart rate monitor, a good book for the cardio times, a small gym bag, and a lock.

Make a list if you have too!

Have these things packed first so that you don't forget any of them and then have excuses when you arrive at your holiday destination!

"snack" size baggies

Pak 1-2 "snack" size baggies per day you are traveling with your favorite protein powder, measured out to your desired amounts for a single serving. Carry a plastic shaker so that you can make a shake on the plane or in the car at any time you wish!


This will ensure your protein levels are high to avoid muscle loss and help keep your metabolism up! Also, if you find yourself having a dessert late at night, mix up that protein shake to keep your blood sugar level and insulin from spiking! You won't feel as bad mentally either!

Start the day right

Decide what foods you can eat in the morning on a normal basis to help get your mornings started. I like to do good ole Oatmeal and egg white mixed together with some vanilla whey protein powder and a couple paks of Splenda.

This will ensure that you start your mornings off right and have energy for the day!

Holiday Schedule

Change your workouts to accommodate the new holiday schedule - shorter durations with lots of circuits. This will help you avoid having to wait for machines and will keep your workouts moving right along.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day... especially if you are having a couple drinks! I take the Emer'gen C and Electro Mix paks ( to add to my water so that I can combat any colds and supply myself with adequate minerals.

These are really good to have after a night out with the family that includes alcoholic drinks! Yes, I drink, but am a lightweight so not too much!

Walk fido

If there is a dog in the family you may be traveling to, ask to take it for a walk! Getting outside will be refreshing - be sure to bundle up if it is cold though!

Reading motivation

Keep some fitness mags with you so that you have a couple good articles to read to help keep your motivation! You know the saying, "Out of site, out of mind."

Room to relax

Allow yourself some room to have fun and eat some deserved goodies! If you work hard all year your mind will be grateful if you give it some room to relax! Mostly don't be hard on yourself if you indulge abit - just try to do your best!

Sample Leg Circuit
Next 10 minutes pick up the pace and increase the incline to 10%. Last 10 minutes increase the incline to 15%.
1 set feet shoulder apart, 1 set feet closer together and higher, last set feet wider (targeting hamstrings).
If so inclined, slow pace to 1.0 and do glute squeezes by lifting the back leg while walking on treadmill- this is a great addition to the high incline- keeps HR up too and you'll really feel it in the glutes.
Last Giant Set: Any of the above exercises I will do again depending on how my legs feel I do 2-5 exercises.
Of course you can shorten the time by not adding the treadmill in or lessening the amount of actual time.

This type of workout will keep your heart rate up and help you burn extra calories. Your heart will be strong and conditioned and ready for your new year of intense training!

Once the New Year comes around, then attack it full force and make some gains or loose that extra few pounds you've been dreaming of losing! Make it happen! If you have to hire a trainer/nutritionist to help get started may I suggest mine, Kim Oddo. He is the best! His website is