Modern Physique: Week 8, Day 56 - Rest

Congratulations—you've completed the Modern Physique trainer! What's up next?

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Give yourself huge props; not many people complete entire trainers, let alone one as comprehensive as this one. After eight weeks of hard work and focus, I have no doubt you're seeing results in your physique.

But today isn't the end; it's simply time to decide what comes next. After all, the Modern Physique isn't about looking good for a few months; it's about embodying fitness for the rest of your life.

If you enjoyed my Modern Physique trainer, then by all means, feel free to go back to the beginning and repeat it. But if you want to try something different, or your fitness goals have changed, offers a variety of trainers to match any interest or objective.

Whatever you choose to do next, make it something sustainable. Create new goals that build off the old ones, search out new recipes to stave off boredom, and reevaluate your supplement stack. There's almost no wrong way to become fit, so long as it keeps you off the couch and moving!

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