Modern Physique: Week 4, Day 28 - Rest

Flexibility is integral to building the modern physique. Today, you'll learn how it's incorporated into the program.

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Flexibility and mobility are essential to training. If you don't correct small imbalances in your body on a regular basis, there's a high risk of injury. With this trainer, I'll help dispel that risk by making sure you incorporate mobility into your program.

Sure, it's cool to lift a lot of weight, but if your form is sloppy and your movements aren't functional, there's no real-world benefit. By training correctly from the start, you'll never use another muscle group to overcompensate for a weaker, lagging area.

Remember to stretch before and after the workout—do some foam rolling and dynamic movements before you work out, and some static stretches and more foam rolling after. Also, use your active-rest day to your benefit by giving your body a good stretch in a yoga class.

Modern Physique Pillar Flexibility
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