Modern Physique: Week 2, Day 14 - Rest

Another important pillar of the modern physique is symmetry. Find out how this program will help you achieve it!

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I want to help you create a body you can be proud of, one that is balanced and symmetrical. I want your legs to be in proportion with your upper body, your front delts to match your rear delts, and your left side to be just as strong as your right.

Symmetry not only looks great, but it's a sign of a healthy body. Any injuries, imbalances, and weaknesses are going to show up in your muscularity.

To make that symmetry happen, you'll do a lot of single-arm and single-leg exercises. You'll also perform workouts that pair push and pull movements. And, if you haven't already figured it out, you'll hit your legs twice per week.

All of these workouts were built with symmetry in mind. So do your best to perform them exactly as prescribed!

Modern Physique Pillar Symmetry
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