Can Cutler Make It Two In A Row At The 2007 Olympia?

Jay is now officially in ‘Lockdown Mode.’ He eats, sleeps, trains and lives bodybuilding the last couple of months before the Olympia. Here is a recap and preview of what will most likely be another very exciting Mr. Olympia contest! Read on.

In 2006, Jay Cutler came in at his best conditioning since the 2001 Mr. Olympia. Combining that factor and Ronnie Coleman's worst showing on an Olympia stage gave Jay Cutler the coveted Mr. Olympia title. The big question now is can Jay win it two years in a row?

Jay is now officially in "Lockdown Mode." He eats, sleeps, trains and lives bodybuilding the last couple of months before the Olympia. Guest appearances and travel are put on hold from this point on until after the Mr. Olympia (He even lives in Las Vegas so he doesn't need to worry about traveling to the event).

Cutler wants no distractions during his rigorous prep for his quest to win his second Sandow trophy and become a two-time Mr. Olympia.

The 34-year-old Cutler loves being Mr. Olympia and would love nothing more than to hold onto the title at least another year or two. Even though he has won the title and come very close several other years, he's still one of the younger competitors.

He's been around a while and has a big fan base behind him. From the roar of the crowd when he was announced last year's winner, it's evident that many people would like Jay to hold onto the title for a few more years. Again, the question before us is: Can he?

11 men have won the Mr. Olympia in its more-than-forty year history. Two men have won it only twice. Larry Scott won it in 1965 and 1966. Franco Columbu won it in 1976 and then again in 1981 with a controversial win. Cutler will attempt to become the third two-time winner in 2007.

2006 Recap

We all know Jay won last year and Ronnie lost. It was pretty simple. Jay was on and Ronnie was off. It happened in 2001 too but Ronnie came out on top in that show - even though Jay was leading after the prejudging.

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Jay & Ronnie At The 2006 Olympia Pre-Judging.

Cutler beat Coleman in all of the rounds in 2006 and that was more than enough to give Jay the win. Coleman did manage to beat Cutler in a few of the mandatory poses so Jay didn't win by a complete unanimous decision.

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Jay & Ronnie At The 2006 Olympia Pre-Judging.

Had Ronnie been a little sharper, it would have been even closer despite his injuries. But Ronnie wasn't sharper and Jay nailed his own conditioning and rightfully won the 2006 Mr. Olympia.

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Jay & Ronnie At The 2006 Olympia Finals.

Shortly before the 2006 Mr. Olympia Jay was stricken with an infection and dropped nearly 20 pounds in about a week. It's interesting to think if that round-about, drying-out process worked to his advantage or he would have blown everyone away and shocked the audience with added fullness with his planned contest prep.

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Jay & Ronnie At The 2006 Olympia Finals.

Gearing Up For 2007

Jay Cutler is determined to keep his Sandow trophy. He has stayed in really good shape the entire year as evidenced by the photos from his many guest appearances throughout 2007. Cutler wisely decided not to blow up to the typical off-season, bloated look that many pro bodybuilders achieve within weeks - sometimes days - from their competition.

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He wasn't shredded, of course, but he stayed very lean with crisp abs and good cuts and separation in his quads. Jay has even said he might be training up and adding a few more pounds of muscle during his contest prep. Jay will probably weigh in at around 275 for this year's Mr. Olympia.

Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler Performing Deadlifts At Muscle Beach.

As stated earlier, Jay is now into his Olympia prep and is focusing totally and completely on his training and diet. He does have one appearance scheduled on August 25 in San Diego, but besides that there is no travel, no appearances and not much of anything really other than eating, training, cardio and sleeping.

Cutler brought his best conditioning to the 2006 Mr. Olympia. Obviously he needs to do that again. He has had a problem with consistent conditioning so it's not out of the realm of possibilities that he might come in a tad smooth. He came in a little smooth in 2003 and 2004.

Jay Cutler Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler Performing One-Arm Dumbbell Rows.

Both of those years he came in at second place, but easily could have slipped to third or even fourth. In 2005 he was much sharper and started displaying a new-improved back, but he still didn't match Ronnie's dryness and was relegated again to second place.

The bottom line is Jay needs to come in looking like last year, but preferably a little sharper still. As long as Jay's conditioning is on target he'll knock off Martinez, Jackson and the rest of them. He doesn't need to put on any more size.

Will Jay Cutler Win His Second Mr. Olympia In 2007?

Not Sure.

Cutler makes everyone standing next to him (excluding Ronnie and Ruhl) look like little kids, including Victor Martinez. Cutler only needs to narrow his waist a tad more and, by staying leaner this year, streamlining his midsection might become a reality. Ronnie needs to be off again this year and still sporting his injuries. Cutler again needs to beat Coleman in the back poses.

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The pressure is off Coleman this year and, according to reports, Ronnie is very relaxed. He doesn't have a streak to worry about this year. He wants to win his ninth Mr. Olympia and if he doesn't win it this year, he'll try again next year.

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By becoming Mr. Olympia last year, Cutler immediately put more pressure on himself to hold onto the title. He's the guy to beat this year and eyes will be on him and scrutinizing him. The judges and audience will be thinking,

    "Is he as sharp as last year?"

    "Does his back show more detail?"

    "Did he put on more size and sacrifice definition?"

These questions will all be answered in Vegas on September 28 and 29. Win or lose for Jay Cutler, the 2007 Mr. Olympia is gearing up to be the most anticipated event in its history.

Jay Cutler
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Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!