2007 Colorado Pro Classic Top 10 Preview.

Last year's winner, Phil Heath, will not be competing in the event, so we definitely know there will not be a repeating champion. Here is a list of who I think will be in the top 10 and who is already qualified for the 2007 Olympia.

The 2007 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Classic looks to be a rematch of several top-level bodybuilders who battled it out at the New York Pro Show. Throw in a few more high-quality athletes into the mix and anything could happen.

Last year's winner, Phil Heath, will not be competing in the event, so we definitely know there will not be a repeating champion. Darrem Charles, who was last year's runner-up, is competing and he might be ripped and ready to once again prove he can win another show. Branch Warren might have other plans since he's fresh off a win at the New York Pro Show.

To start things off, here's the list of competitors:

  1. Dennis James
  2. Darrem Charles
  3. Johnny Jackson
  4. Frank Roberson
  5. Will Harris
  6. David Henry
  7. Ed Van Amsterdam
  8. Silvio Samuel
  9. Zoran Vejic
  10. Khalid Almohsinawi
  11. Richard 'Tricky' Jackson
  12. Omar Deckard
  13. Branch Warren
  14. John Sherman
  15. Ronnie Rockel
  16. Jimmy Canyon
  17. Leo Ingram
  18. Craig Richardson
  19. Emmanuel Tzinidis
  20. Francisco Bautista

The top three spots earn 2007 Mr. Olympia qualifications. Several competitors have already qualified, but most of these guys have not. Since only three spots are available, it's going to be a huge battle for a few of these guys like Johnny Jackson and David Henry. Both are still looking to pick up a qualification.

Just in case you're wondering who's qualified for the 2007 Mr. Olympia, here is an alphabetical list:

  1. Eddie Abbew (United Kingdom)
  2. Melvin Anthony (USA)
  3. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)
  4. Ronnie Coleman (USA)
  5. Jay Cutler (USA)
  6. Mark Dugdale (USA)
  7. Toney Freeman (USA)
  8. Marcus Haley (USA)
  9. Phil Heath (USA)
  10. Dexter Jackson (USA)
  11. Dennis James (Germany)
  12. Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
  13. Desmond Miller (USA)
  14. Ronnie Rockel (Germany)
  15. Markus Ruhl (Germany)
  16. Silvio Samuel (Spain)
  17. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
  18. Vince Taylor (USA)
  19. Branch Warren (USA)
  20. Dennis Wolf (Germany)
  21. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

Top 10 Picks

This is not an easy call for the placements of this show. Five or six of these guys could actually win the show if they come in at their best. And if they do come in at their best, it'll be interesting to see how they stack up to one another on stage under the same lights.

1. Branch Warren:

    He has the mass and density to win nearly every show. If he comes in his razor-sharp condition, Branch will win. Despite a slightly disproportionate upper back, he's got the least flaws.

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Branch Warren At The 2007 IFBB New York Men's Pro.
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Branch Warren.

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2. Dennis James:

    He's big and I don't really care that he's got "high lats." He might be a little smooth for this show, but he'll take second.

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Dennis James.
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Dennis James.

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3. Darrem Charles:

    Darrem will pick up an Olympia qualification but will look small next to Branch and Dennis. Charles will be sharper, but won't be able to match the size of the big boys.

Darrem Charles Darrem Charles
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Darrem Charles.
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4. Johnny Jackson:

    He'll be right on the heels of Darrem Charles and could possibly sneak by him. Like Charles, he hasn't competed since the Olympia and Jackson will be a little bigger but not sharper.

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Johnie Jackson At The 2006 Europa.
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5. David Henry:

    He'll be back with his shredded conditioning, but he'll give up too much size to the other guys placing ahead of him.

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David Henry.
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David Henry.

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6. Ronnie Rockel:

    Ronnie will look like he has no weaknesses and come in sharp as nails and will still get sixth for some reason. People will boo.

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Ronnie Rockel At The 2007 IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix.
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Ronnie Rockel.

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7. Silvio Samuel:

    He'll lose some of his sharpness from doing so many shows. The crowd will boo louder than they did at Rockel's placing.

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Silvio Samuel At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
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Silvio Samuel.

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8. Craig Richardson:

    Richardson will be in good shape with classic lines and good proportions but will get overlooked because of his relative lack of size.

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Craig Richardson At The 2007 IFBB New York Men's Pro.
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Craig Richardson.

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9. Marcus Haley:

    He'll come in smoother than he did in the earlier spring shows.

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Marcus Haley.
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Marcus Haley.

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10. Omar Deckard:

    Deckard looks good for being a rookie and I had to pick someone to round out the top ten.

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Omar Deckard.
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I think this will be the top ten. Probably do not have it in the correct order. I don't think anyone can accurately predict the outcome of this show until the first round of prejudging. There are really no dominating physiques in this competition because several of these guys could hit their all-time greatest conditioning and be a real threat to take the victory.

Paco will come in huge and ripped but again get overlooked due to his lack of aesthetics. I also think it'll be interesting to see Tricky Jackson and Jimmy Canyon compared in the pro ranks.

Whatever the outcome, it's stacking up to be a really good show. I like these types of shows when the win could go to anyone. It makes it more fun and exciting. Besides, the message boards are much more interesting to read when everyone gripes because their favorite guy didn't win so they blame the judges, politics, the IFBB, Bob, Shawn, Milos, or conspiracies. This show will be no different. Enjoy the ride!