2006 IFBB Pro Europa Super Show Preview!

The IFBB Pro Europa Super Show will be held Saturday, August 26, 2006 in Arlington, Texas. I've put together a rundown of the athletes scheduled to compete and what my top ten picks are! Learn more...

The IFBB PRO EUROPA SUPER SHOW will be held Saturday, August 26, 2006 in Arlington, Texas. Branch Warren, last year's champ, will not be competing. A new champion will be crowned and also be $10,000 richer.

The IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding prize money will be as follows:

  • 1st $10,000
  • 2nd $5,000
  • 3rd $3,000
  • 4th $2,000
  • 5th $1,000

A trophy for the best routine will also be presented.

Here is a rundown of the athletes scheduled to compete:

Art Atwood:

    Art Atwood, the 2001 super heavyweight Nationals champion, made his pro debut in 2002 and won the IFBB Toronto Pro Invitational.

    Although he's known as one of the most massive bodybuilders on the planet, he hasn't duplicated his 2002 winning form. He's become blockier and his waist has gotten much bigger in the past four years.

    Atwood is always a crowd favorite because of his freaky muscle mass, which makes many of his fellow bodybuilders look small when standing beside him on stage.

Darrem Charles:

    Darrem turned pro in 1991 and since 2002 he has six IFBB pro wins. Darrem never fails to show up for a show in great condition.

    In his last two shows, he placed second next to Phil Heath. Although Darrem doesn't seem to fair very well in the Olympia, he places well or wins the other shows he competes in. If Darrem comes in his usual shredded condition, he'll win the Europa.

Shehab Eldin:

    I had to Google this guy because I hadn't heard of him.

    According to his web site, he placed first at the Mr. Night of the Dutch Champions in 2003 and third place at the NABBA Mr. Universe in 2004.

George Farah:

    Mr. Bulletproof steps on stage again to battle it out for an Olympia qualification. His placing will depend on the missed peaks of more massive bodybuilders in the competition.

    If the bigger guys are smooth, Farah moves up in the final placings.

Dave Fisher:

    Dave earned his pro card in 1993 and he last competed in 2000. I'm sure athletes are sick of hearing that they have lots of potential, but Fisher does. He has great shape and a big frame. It'll be interesting to see what he brings to the stage after being away for a number of years.

Toney Freeman:

    Freeman has been filling out his tall frame over the years. He's done it without sacrificing his pleasing shape and x-frame.

    He's been compared to the great Flex Wheeler for muscle shape and I have to agree that there are similarities. His pec tear has healed very well and is not that noticeable. He's done a fantastic job of bringing has chest back up.

Roland Huff:

    The 2005 Nationals Bantamweight winner steps on stage to do battle with the big boys in his first pro appearance.

Johnnie Jackson:

    This compact powerhouse hopes to achieve or surpass his placing from last year's Europa show. Jackson packs a lot of muscle on his frame and is known for using extremely heavy poundages in his workouts.

    Jackson has been making steady improvements over the years and could be making the jump to consistently higher placings very soon.

Tricky Jackson:

    Mr. Shredded himself, the 2005 middleweight Nationals champion is making his pro debut also. He'll most likely be dwarfed by the mass monsters on stage, but it'll be fun to see how he stacks up against them.

King Kamali:

    Mr. Kamali is undoubtedly one of the most outspoken athletes in the IFBB. His lively Internet conversations with other IFBB pros have become legend.

    He's working with Joe McNeil now and is hoping to nail his conditioning, which King has had problems with in previous shows.

Frank Roberson:

    The Texas Tornado is always fun to watch on stage and is one of the few pros who actually look like he enjoys competing.

    He is extremely animated and has fun on the stage. The cowboy hat during the routine, however, is getting old. Retire it, Frank.

Silvo Samuel Saviour:

    Saviour placed 14th in the 2006 IFBB New York Pro show. His conditioning looks good according to some recent online photos. He might crack the top ten if things go well for him.

Rodney St. Cloud:

    St. Cloud looks good, but just ain't big enough.

Joel Stubbs:

    This guy has an awesome back! It's right up there with Ronnie's.

    He's got a bright future when he fills out a little more.

Quincy Taylor:

    Taylor looked tremendous in last year's Europa show where he qualified for the Mr. Olympia. His Olympia showing was somewhat disappointing as he missed his peak and came in too smooth.

    He again hopes to come in dry and re-qualify for the Olympia this year.

George Turmon:

    George placed 12th at this year's Masters World Championships. Turmon always comes in good condition but just doesn't seem to have the physique judges are looking for to place well in most IFBB shows.

Dennis Wolf:

    The European sensation was featured on the cover of Flex magazine a few months ago. The guy is massive and has HUGE shoulders.

    Pre-contest photos on Milos' site show him to be in great shape. Look for him to do major damage on IFBB pro stages very soon.

Nathan Wonsley:

    Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer running back, Nathan Wonsley, who received a pro card for his placing at the NPC Masters Nationals in 2005, made his pro debut at the 2006 Iron Man where he took 15th place. Nathan was a light-heavyweight when he won his class at the Masters Nationals but now competes at more than 220 pounds. He has a great physique with full muscle bellies and looks absolutely massive on stage.

Top Ten Picks

Those are the athletes scheduled to compete. Despite all the many variables that these guys run into during contest preparations, here are my Top-Ten Picks:

    10. Nathan Wonsley
    9. Frank Roberson
    8. King Kamali
    7. Joel Stubbs
    6. George Farah
    5. Dennis Wolf
    4. Toney Freeman
    3. Quincy Taylor
    2. Johnnie Jackson
    1. Darrem Charles

Darrem Charles will win the trophy for best routine but Rodney St. Cloud will give him a run for his money. (I guess that's only a figure of speech since it's only a trophy, huh?)

Who Will Win The 2006 IFBB Europa Men's Bodybuilding Championship?

Darrem Charles.
Johnnie Jackson.
Quincy Taylor.
Toney Freeman.
Dennis Wolf.

George Farah.
Joel Stubbs.
King Kamali.
Frank Roberson.
Nathan Wonsley.

Tune in to the live webcast and judge for yourselves who will win the 2006 IFBB Europa Men's Bodybuilding Championship.

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