Michelle Hanson Cutting Program

Michelle Hanson Cutting Program

Michelle Hanson's primary training philosophy is to stay in shape year-round. Although that's easier said than done, it does make it easier in the long run. Rather than fighting an uphill battle to get thin and trim for a shoot or show, Michelle would rather stay within 5 pounds of her competition weight at all times. This allows for an easy transition when the time comes to strike a pose.

During her cutting phase, Michelle increases her cardio and trains with light weight and high reps to maintain her feminine figure. If you want a photo shoot worthy body so you can proudly show off your best "assets" then take the advice of a veteran in the beauty business and follow her cutting program.

Michelle Hanson's Fitness Program

Watch The Video - 8:31

Cutting Regimen


    Calories: 948
    Fats: 14g
    Protein: 118g
    Carbs: 69g

Meal 1:

  • egg whites

    egg whites

    5 oz Calories: 74
    Fats: 0g| Protein 15g| Carbs 1g

  • oatmeal


    1/4 cup Calories: 52
    Fats: 1g| Protein 2g| Carbs 9g

Protein 17g   |   Carbs 10g   |   Fat 1g   | Calories 126

Meal 2:

  • chicken


    4 oz Calories: 90
    Fats: 0g| Protein 19g| Carbs 2g

  • brown rice

    brown rice

    1/3 cup Calories: 72
    Fats: 0g| Protein 2g| Carbs 15g

  • asparagus


    1 cup Calories: 27
    Fats: 0g| Protein 3g| Carbs 5g

Protein 24g   |   Carbs 22g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 189

Meal 3:

  • turkey

    extra lean turkey

    4 oz Calories: 101
    Fats: 0g| Protein 20g| Carbs 3g

  • brown rice

    brown rice

    1/2 cup Calories: 109
    Fats: 0g| Protein 2g| Carbs 23g

  • veggies

    mixed veggies

    1 cup Calories: 61
    Fats: 0g| Protein 3g| Carbs 12g

Protein 25g   |   Carbs 28g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 271

Meal 4:

  • egg whites

    egg whites

    4 oz Calories: 50
    Fats: 0g| Protein 12 g| Carbs 0g

  • almonds


    10 grams Calories: 59
    Fats: 5g| Protein 2g| Carbs 2g

Protein 15g   |   Carbs 3g   |   Fat 7g   | Calories 134

Meal 5:

  • tilapia


    4 oz Calories: 109
    Fats: 2g| Protein 23g| Carbs 0g

  • salad

    mixed green salad

    2 cups Calories: 18
    Fats: 0g| Protein 2 g| Carbs 4g

Protein 25g   |   Carbs 4g   |   Fat 2g   | Calories 127

Meal 6:

  • egg whites

    egg whites

    4 oz Calories: 50
    Fats: 0g| Protein 12g| Carbs 0g

  • avocado


    1 oz Calories: 42
    Fats: 4g| Protein 0g| Carbs 2g

Protein 12g   |   Carbs 2g   |   Fat 4g   | Calories 101


Day 1: Full Body

Note: 20 Jumping Jacks in between each exercise to keep heart rate up.

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Full Body

Note: 20 Jumping Jacks in between each exercise to keep heart rate up.

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Full Body

Note: 20 Jumping Jacks in between each exercise to keep heart rate up.

Days 6 and 7: Rest


Morning and Evening

With Meals 1 and 3


Michelle Hanson's Personal Philosophy

I have learned to live by the motto: do you eat to live or live to eat? After competing for several years, I learned that you will win some and lose some. If you go into this with the attitude that you are competing against yourself, you can have so much fun with the sport.

The dedication and discipline it took for me to transform my body into the shape that it is currently in, is the same dedication and discipline that I now apply to my everyday life and in my job.

I now know that there is not one thing in life that I can't achieve with the knowledge and understanding that I gained from my experiences training and competing.

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  • rep this user

I like this programs outline, and nutrition plan. With my GB I have such a hard time doing what any of the plans suggest,. I look forward to giving this a try this week.

Feb 13, 2012 2:09am | report
  • rep this user

Love this article! For the treadmill sessions -- are these three 45-min sessions done morning-lunch-evening?? Total is over two hours for these runs, I'm wondering if I can break these out and do them on the rest days since I don't have 3 hours in one day to spend at the gym. Also, what intensity level is the treadmill run?

Apr 10, 2012 9:17am | report
  • rep this user

Going to give this one a try though may struggle to commit to 3 45min treadmill sessions!

Apr 23, 2013 12:21am | report
  • rep this user

948 calories?? Is this the diet for a 12 years old??

Dec 30, 2013 8:53am | report
  • rep this user

Don't think i would be able to last 45 mins on the treadmill whilst eating less than a 1000 calories a day... Don;t think this is reinforcing the right idea!

Feb 17, 2015 1:42pm | report
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Comments

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