Merry Christine's Review Of The Boise Fitness Expo!

The Second Annual Fitness Expo at the Big Easy in Boise, Idaho brought well over a thousand people. You could barely move through the crowd. It was fantastic. Everyone was in great spirits and the supplements were plentiful!
I could SO easily cop out and not write anything about the Fitness Expo Friday night and just say... WOW! Because I think anyone that went said the same thing. Am I right people?

The Show

The Second Annual Fitness Expo at the Big Easy in Boise, Idaho brought well over a thousand people. You could barely move through the crowd. It was fantastic. Everyone was in such great spirits and the supplement tables all had wonderful samples and beautiful spokespersons.

The event was MC'd by Jeff Caves, host of KTIK 1350 Sports Talk, who, might I say was a very nice gentleman.

It started out with a fashion show by Jamaca Me Tan/Venus Swimwear. Then Katrina Humphrey, who will be competing in the Fitness Universe Pageant in June, showcased her routine. Corey St. Clair displayed his incredible strength. Yours truly, ahem, performed my routine that I will do April 19th at the Emerald Cup in Bellevue, Washington. I sure hope all of you that attended appreciated that one because if you have not competed in bodybuilding, you have NO IDEA how hard it is to prepare for a contest and I did my diet exactly like I would for a contest, so you could see the real deal. But I must admit, I had a blast!

The People

Then, my partner in crime and best friend, Brenda Kelly blessed the crowd with her beautiful hula talent. Let's see, if I remember right she even had the most graceful men, like, Idrise Ward-el, and Quincy Taylor try some mild hip swinging?

Then, Broken Silence came out and performed an incredible musical set. Some totally gorgeous men with some great windpipes, did some hip hop/R & B, and got the place on their toes! They will be performing May 12, with 50 Cent at the Paramount in Seattle. That is a big deal. We had the ever so awesome Quincy Taylor, 2001 Mr. USA, and pro bodybuilder. At 6'4" and 320 lbs., he is one of the kindest men I have ever met. You go, Quincy!

Nicole Rollolazo, one of my best Merry Christine Bodywear girls, Miss USA 2002 pulled out some great moves in her beautiful suit she wore at the Arnold Classic, Ms. Fitness International. Stacey Hammer demonstrated her incredible power lifting strength. Idrise Ward-el, 2002 Mr. USA, pro bodybuilder graced the stage with is awesome physique. And Christian Boeving, one of the sexiest men alive was there to meet and great some ever so adoring fans.

All in all put on quite the venue. And as always, they were they were with the best host's ever.

The Party

After all the show stuff, we ate, drank and danced the night away. Well, okay, I admit, I just ate. And in fact I ate the most wonderful steamed clams from the Big Easy's kitchen. They have a beautiful V.I.P. room with sofa's and a big screen television and it was just like being at home in my living room. Except here we had all the excitement right outside the French doors!!

I was taken on a tour of the warehouse. I honestly felt as if I was in this wonderful dream and kept pinching myself to WAKE UP! Isles and isles of supplements and protein powders, creams, clothing, work out gear, contest colorings, books. You name it, they have it. And if they don't, I am sure all you have to do is ask and they will get it. I can't wait to go back and visit again!

Now, if you are in the Northwest, and would like to meet the people, be sure to come to the Emerald Cup, April 18th and 19th. We will all be there. I will have my Merry booth as well. And both our booths will have all our lovely girls. Brenda Kelly, Kat Meyers, Kimberly Dolan, Brenda Reganot, and usually many more show up to hang out with our group, because every year at the Emerald Cup my booth ROCKS! And this is's first year at the Emerald Cup, so I want everyone to come by and let them know how much they are appreciated. I will also have a "Guess the amount of Crystal's" contest. If you guess the amount of crystals on the suit at my booth, the one closest get's to take it home! will be giving away the most awesome T-shirts, along with supplement samples and info. We just like to have fun!

The Emerald Cup brings out more Pro-Bodybuilders than any other non-pro event. So far the list includes; Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Gunther Schlierkamp, Quincy Taylor, Milos Sarcev, Victor Martinez, Stan McCrary, Idrise Ward-el, Melvin Anthony, Shawn Ray, Troy Alves, Lori Vaniman, Nicole Rollolazo, Laura Mak, Julie Shipley-Childs, Tanji Johnson, and that is what I have so far. Whew!! For more info, including directions, ticket info, host hotel, etc., go to

Now I will be competing in the Masters. So I want as many of you readers as possible to come out and cheer me on! I also want to put a shout out for Michal Kindred, who is from the Czech Republic and will be competing in the men's open. It is not only because he is my trainer, Jeremy's training partner (So that makes me partial), but also, he broke his spine in THREE places back in the mid 90's! And now he is ready to take on the competition scene again. Check his story out on So he totally deserves some serious support out there you guys. Rumor has it the competitors list is getting huge. So it is going to be quite a weekend. Fitness and Figure is on Friday the 18th, and the Bodybuilding is on Saturday the 19th. I will be covering the contest along with pictures, so if you see me and want to get on the site, grab me and let me know you're a reader and we will take your picture with us and put you on the site!


See you there.

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