My Views On The 2003 Arnold Weekend!

Before I even begin to brag about my incredible experience at the Arnold Weekend. We would love to hear from anyone that went to the Arnold and stopped by to see us. Let us know you were there and what you liked and thought of us, well, be nice.

Before I even begin to brag about my incredible experience at the Arnold Weekend, I must thank for getting me out of the woods and over to where I should be. Out they're with all the crazy bodybuilders. I humbly thank you. Then, I must thank my trainer (Jeremy Alcantara) for working my butt off, literally. In the booth, or anywhere I walked, people were stopping me and asking for a picture of my booty!

Thursday started for almost everyone waiting, waiting, yes, waiting at the airport for another plane or something delayed or cancelled. The big story on Friday out of every mouth was their flight experience, uh, I mean nightmare. But it was all forgotten once we went through the doors of the exhibition.

At The Booth

Apparently, from an article in the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper (Of which I will also brag that the only picture of the expo was...ME! At the booth handing out goodies!) There were over 70,000 people that attended the expo. At $10.00 a pop, figure that one out. Where our booth was at it was a constant traffic jam with hands everywhere waiting for anything that I would place in them. You have to be careful and not hand the energy boosters to the teenagers and kids. Parents would want to kill me if I did I am sure!

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Nonetheless, with all the commotion and traffic jams, no one seemed to care. I have never seen that large of an out of control group that happy. The variety of people was exhilarating!

So let me brag about my girls. In the Figure, the first Pro Figure in the history of the IFBB, I was privileged enough to make Monica Brant's suit's. She took second, but she will win the Olympia, mark my words. I also had Lesli Russell who took 9th. In fitness, Nicole Rollolazo took 9th. It is her first IFBB show. She will get better and is also young enough that she will be doing this for a very long time.

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Other than that, her suit was the whole buzz backstage. You must check out the pictures when they come out and see what I am talking about. Valentina Chepiga took 5th in the lightweight bodybuilding, and Brenda Reganot took 3rd in HEAVYWEIGHT! She has always been a lightweight. She took a year off to put some decent symmetry on her frame, but wow! Did she ever!

I am so very proud of all these girls and I love them dearly. They always trust me with every bit of their soul and I am grateful.

Now the booth rocked! We had so many wonderful people working it up. Rosemary Jennings, Amber DeLuca, the fantastic Juliette Bergmann, my Brenda Reganot, Troy Alves, Idrise Ward-El, Marcus Ruhl, and Az Hakim from the Detroit Lions, Ahh, WHAT A CUTIE! Left me smitten. We had traffic jams non-stop all weekend with pictures, autographs, hugging, hand shaking, and t-shirts, hats, water bottles, supplements of all sorts, protein bars, and powders, you name it, we gave it out. And we loved every person that came by. Thank you.

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We would love to hear from anyone that went to the Arnold and stopped by to see us. Let us know you were there and what you liked and thought of us, well, be nice. And I want all you lady readers to stay posted, for I am going to have some very pretty giveaways to purchasers of the online store in the next few weeks. If you like clothing, and you like crystals, well, stay tuned...

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So now, my dear readers, I must take my tired feet, after walking for three days in 6-inch high heels to bed and sleep. For I must get up and start training again for my contest in April, The Emerald Cup, which and will have booths at with all kinds of goodies there too! Mark that on your calendar, April 18th and 19th, in Bellevue Washington. Come see me win the Masters!

It's only my opinion,

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