Blow Up Your Biceps: Build New Levels Of Size And Strength! Weeks 5 - 8.

For building big guns you will need a taylored workout routine that changes periodically. This is the follow-up routine to weeks one through four in the twelve week cycle! Learn more here...

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Article Summary:
  • Be sure to change your workout routine every three to four weeks to prevent plateaus.
  • Do a light cardio workout after training legs to alleviate the painful lactic acid buildup.
  • Make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of rest between each set.
  • Previously, I gave a starting routine to develop arm strength and size. Using that as a beginning routine is very motivational for people who are just beginning a workout routine because arm size is the most important thing to most people.

    The Workout Routine

    This is the follow-up routine to weeks one through four in the twelve week cycle. Remember that you should always change your routine every three to four weeks.

    You Should Always Change Your Routine Every Three To Four Weeks.
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    You Should Always Change Your
    Routine Every Three To Four Weeks.

    Monday: Arms

      For arms on Monday, you will do sets of ten, eight, six, and four. Really push yourself on the set of four, doing the heaviest weight that you can. The two exercises that I highly recommend are skull crushers and reverse tricep cable curls. As always I leave the cardio routine up to you, I personally like stationary bike, but I don't really think that any one exercise is better than the other.

      The exception of what I just said being jogging, I don't like people to use distance running for their cardio routine. The stairclimber or bike will be much better, as they don't contribute to the muscle loss that some research suggests distance running contributes to.

    Do You Believe That Running For Cardio Is Counter Productive To Muscle Gain?

    Not Sure.

    Tuesday: Legs/Abs

      On Tuesday, you will be doing legs and abs. The sets and reps will be the same as for Monday, and the exercises that I recommend are barbell squat, lunges, and straight leg deadlifts along with calf raises.

      Then, do my favorite abdominal exercise, which is crunches while on you knees in front of a cable machine using the rope extension.

      What you will do is kneel in front of the machine and hold the ends of the rope next to your ears and perform a crunch with enough weight to really work your abs doing fifteen to twentyfive reps. For Wednesday, it's a real tough day, decline crunches and a light cardio workout.

      Doing a light cardio workout the day after legs will alleviate much of the lactic acid built up in your quads. Take this opportunity to hit the whirlpool and relax. Not everyday at the gym has to kill you!

    Lactic Acid
    In blood it occurs in the form of its salts (lactates) when glycogen is broken down in muscle; it can be reconverted to glycogen in the liver. Stiffness and soreness after prolonged heavy exercise are due to accumulated lactic acid in the muscles.

    Wednesday: Back/Shoulders

      Thursday is back and shoulders. Do reverse grip pulldowns and lat pulldowns for back.

      For shoulders do seated side raises and barbell presses. You will be performing the same sets and reps as before. By doing seated side raises you can virtually eliminate any inherent flaws in form, which can lead to a lot of shoulder injuries, and bad muscle development.

      Be ready to take some weight off of what you normally do, being in a seated position really causes you to only use your shoulders and you wont be able to cheat the exercise by swaying and using body momentum to raise the weight. Also when you approach the top of the motion rotate the dumbbells as if you were pouring the water out of a pitcher.

      This rotation will allow you to work the other lobes of the shoulder, rather than just one or two of the three. As for the barbell presses I recommend that if you have any type of shoulder problem that you do the presses in front of your head, and not behind. The added strain can really cause some problems with your rotator cuff.

    Be Ready To Use Less Weight Than You Normally Do, Being Seated Really Isolates Your Shoulders.
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    Be Ready To Use Less Weight Than You Normally
    Do, Being Seated Really Isolates Your Shoulders.

    Friday: Chest

      The final day is Friday, and you'll blow out your chest, same sets and reps as before. The recommended exercises are dumbbell incline presses and flat bench flyes. After that, just hit your cardio routine and you'll be out of the door for the week.

      At this stage in the game you should also introduce one other aspect into your routine.

      You should begin to time your rest periods in between your sets. Now you don't have to sit there with a stopwatch in a sprinters position ready for the next set, but just be conscious of the time you are spending resting.

    You Should Begin To Time Your Rest Periods In Between Your Sets.
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    You Should Begin To Time Your Rest
    Periods In Between Your Sets.

    Tips For Best Results:

      For the smaller muscle groups (shoulders, biceps, triceps, calves, and abs) give yourself roughly thirty seconds of rest between each set. For the larger muscle groups (chest, back, and legs) rest about one full minute to one and a half minutes.

      There are all sorts of neurological reasons for doing this, but I don't think most of us are interested in all of the science involved in it. Beside the physiological benefits associated with these rest periods, this practice also has one other benefit. The benefit that I am talking about is the efficiency of the workout.

      You will find that you are done with your workout much sooner when done this way. I don't like to spend a lifetime at the gym, and usually want to be on my way as soon as possible, this is a great way to accomplish that.

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    If you have any problems with the exercises I have recommended for the workout you can either consult a personal trainer at your gym, or simply click my name on my content page. I'll be happy to help you out with any problem that you may be having and give you an alternate exercise.

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