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Mike Roussell, B.S., host of Max-Out Radio, brings you nutrition & training tips bi-weekly to help strengthen the mind behind the muscle! Show features include cutting-edge news & research, Recipe Remix, & industry experts - Listen in now!

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Welcome to the Max-Out Radio podcast, with your hosts, Mike Roussell, B.S. and Aaron! Each week, Mike and Aaron bring you training and nutrition advice, recipes, and industry interviews to strengthen the mind behind the muscles!

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Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated "radio shows," while giving broadcast radio or television producers a new distribution method.

Mike and Aaron guarantee that each Max-Out Radio show will bring you closer to achieving your fitness, health, and nutrition goals. Here's what you can expect to hear each episode:

  • Cutting Edge News and Research - Listen in while Mike and Aaron discuss and dissect the latest nutrition and fitness news.

  • Recipe Remix - Host Mike Roussell will walk you through how to remix popular recipes and meals into muscle building and fat burning cuisine.

  • Industry Experts - Hear directly from the fitness professionals, scientists, and authors that are leading the industry in candid interviews.

As you can see, Max-Out Radio is your one-stop show for high-quality fitness and nutrition podcasts, and cutting-edge industry information. Tune in today, for free!

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Listen in as bodybuilding and industry expert, Mike Roussell interviews the strongest minds in the fitness industry!


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About The Hosts

Michael Roussell, B.S., is a nutritionist, academic, and weightlifter. He has a degree in Biochemistry from Hobart & William Smith Colleges and he has also completed one year at the University of Vermont Medical School.

After that first year, he was drawn more toward nutrition and less towards medicine. So, he decided to pursue his Ph.D. in Nutrition. During this key transitional period, he was fortunate enough to be able to aid in the development and administration of the nutrition portion of the curriculum at the University of Vermont Medical School. He is now working toward receiving his Ph.D. in Nutrition at Penn State.

Mike Roussell
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Show Host, Mike Roussell.

On a less academic side, he is the founder of Next Level Nutrition,, Max-Out Magazine, Street Smart Nutrition Blog, and Max-Out Radio. Here's a little about each:

  • Next Level Nutrition - We specialize in long distance nutrition and fitness coaching for people looking to build muscle, drop body fat, improve athletic performance, or just lead healthier lives.

  • - I first created so people would have a place where they could read objective quality reviews for quality fitness and nutritional products. There is so much stuff out there but not one helping you weed through the good and the bad. But has grown to much more than that with the Street Smart Nutrition Blog, the FREE Bi-Monthly Max-Out Magazine, and the article section (which should be expanding more soon).

  • Street Smart Nutrition Blog - Blogs are great! The Street Smart Nutrition Blog allows me to communicate with my reader on a weekly (and often daily) basis about cutting edge up-to-the-minute nutrition and fitness research, news, articles, tips, and more.

  • Max-Out Magazine - Max-Out Magazine first started out as a small monthly newsletter but after a while I decided to do something that would stand out from the rest of the "free newsletters" cluttering the industry. That's when Max-Out Magazine was born. It is just like a real magazine with awesome cover images, featured articles, hints, tips, and more. The best part is it is FREE. You can sign up to recieve Max-Out Magazine in the upper right corner of this page.

In addition to the above projects, I am also a nutritional and fitness author and regularly write articles for the Shape Up America Newsletter,, and Many of these articles can be found in the article section of

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