Matt Biss' 16-Week Transformation - A Plan Of Action To Lose 35 Lbs: Part 2! Customer Service Rep 'Muscle Mania' Matt Biss is taking on a 16-week plan of action to lose 35 pounds. Follow along with Matt's journey in this motivating video series!

Matt Biss

Vital Stats:

Name: Matt Biss
BodySpace: MuscleManiaMatt
BodyBlog: "Power Circuits"

Current Weight: 216 lbs

Matt Biss' Progress
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Matt's Current Weight.

At this point in time, we are a hair past the halfway point in my sixteen week transformation. The original goal was about a 35-pound drop in body fat, so I am a little behind at about 15 pounds. The progress pictures show some progress. From the side especially, my stomach seems less distended, and musculature in my chest and arms is showing a little better. From the front and back, however, the love handles are painful to look at.

The next 8 weeks, I am going to drive a little harder to make sure I am below 200 pounds by the end of March. The first show I am planning to do is in May, so this will give me approximately a month to make any necessary adjustments. At 195 I will be pretty lean, but I expect I may need to be in the 180s to look right onstage.

My being a little behind is a result of a lack of focus on my part. During the month of January, I wasn't consistent in my food prep, and my training wasn't following the game plan. The first adjustment I am going to make is to my food. I am going to lower my caloric intake to 2100. Most of this deduction will come from carbohydrates.

Matt Biss Matt Biss Matt Biss
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Matt Biss - Week 8.

I am also going to modify my workout to up my caloric output. There will be six training days per week, with a 3-day split. The first half of the week will be heavier, strength-based compound movements with moderate rest. It will be followed by half hour cardio, which will consist of swimming or the stairmaster.

The second half of the week will have consist of giant sets for each workout, using submaximal weights at higher repetitions. It will also be using more plyometrics and unstable movements. These workouts will be preceded by 1-2 mile timed runs. This is a program I can get behind, and it gets me excited because it will be challenging!

Progress Video

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The Workout

Giant Set:
A giant set invloves performing 4 or more exercises, one right after another, in a circuit.

The Diet


I am absolutely committed to this goal, and even if I haven't been perfect to date, I WILL be successful. One thing that will help me enormously is the completion of my home gym. Unlike most people, I don't enjoy being in a public gym, and do much better at home or in a private setting.

Within the next few weeks, I will be completing the conversion of my two car garage into a perfect atmosphere for my future development. I will be installing a power rack, workbench, the leverage gym (from Powertec), a platform, a leg press, a bench press, a rowing station, some cardio equipment and finally some boxing equipment.

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I will also make adjustments to its atmosphere (lighting, paint, etc). I will be supplying photos and videos as this is completed, and we will probably shoot a video there as well. I'm looking forward to being ripped again!