The Holiday Gut...

Enjoy the holiday! Have the cake and roast you want! It's ok... as long as you watch yourself the weeks around the holidays! Learn some tips and tricks for holiday nutrition right here...

Tis the season to draw blood in the fight for the last presents in the store, get harassed by greedy santas with Whiskey-breath, and gain 5 lbs of lard from over-indulgence of chocolate, candy canes, and all kinds of yummie food.

As opposed to the cutthroat bustling in the stores, the gyms are pretty calm. Strangely enough, you won't see the same kind of stampede for last-minute purchases of protein powder and energy products.

The Different Gym People

dot The Hardcore Gymrats: dot

    Right now, there are two categories in the gym: The hardcore gymrats, who will be elbowing each other to get in for those precious few hours when the gym will be open on Christmas day, and those who know themselves well enough to develop a bad conscience in advance.

    Those are the people who fear themselves when within 10 feet of Christmas candy, so they make sure to spend hours on the cardio equipment in the week before C-Day.

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The Hardcore Gym Rats Spend Hours On
The Cardio Equipment The Week Before Chritmas.

dot The Normal Gym Patrons: dot

    The rest of the normal gym-patrons are busy spending quality time in the traffic to the mall, in the line to the cashier, and in the traffic away from the mall. The non-quality time is when they fight with the rest of the shoppers, so that they will all be able to fully celebrate and appreciate this holiday of peace and understanding.

    In other words: buy your presents in November, and enjoy the lack of crowds in the gym while going about your business-as-usual workout routine.


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Holiday Training & Diet!
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Delbert Hickman

    Think about it - while the holiday in itself is a time for family and friends. Why would it be a reason to disrupt your long-term schedule for weeks? Taking Christmas Eve, Day, and the day after off is Ok, but why not use your head and make that a well-deserved rest period. Just like you'd do at any other point in time?

    Then you'll get maximum benefit from every angle - you get the rest you need, all the food you're probably planning to stuff yourself with will be put to good use by rebuilding your body, and perhaps best of all - you can relax with a good conscious and think of those days as beneficial instead of counter-productive!

Which Type Of Gym Goer Are You?

A Hardcore Gym Rat
A Normal Gym Patron

    That's it for the training part. The REAL bandit here is the food though! Now, don't think I'm telling you to join the small but highly disciplined horde of hardcore bodybuilders who celebrates Christmas by adding a dash of Kahlua to their protein drinks.

    As with the training, try to narrow things down to what really matters - the holiday itself - and then watch the peripheral stuff closely. There's typically a lot of goodies being offered by your employer and co-workers - cakes, chocolate, cookies... You name it.

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Watch The Peripheral Stuff Closely.

    Now, before you dig in, think about it - is this REALLY necessary for me to get in the spirits? Would I normally stuff myself with these 800 extra calories? Perhaps it is more of a social habit? If so - turn your back on it. Save your indulgence for the real thing, when you truly want it! A party or two is Ok, as long as you stay in the moderate consumption-zone (goes for both food and drink).


In other words: Enjoy the holiday! Have the cake and roast you want! It's Ok - as long as you watch yourself the weeks around the holidays. Apart from that, let's keep it short'n'sweet this week - Merry Christmas!

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