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I get bombarded with e-mails from all over the world, from Japan to Argentina, and it's really interesting to see how small differences there are!
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How important is warm-up, really? Answer
How come the people in Before and After-pictures in the ads always look so much better than I do? Answer
I've noticed my pecs are kind of "drooping" when relaxed, making them look like the beginning stages of breasts. What's up with this? Answer
Why is breakfast so important? Answer
My friend has really peaked biceps while mine are not, while we both curl the same weight. What can I do to increase my peak? Answer
I have a horrible sweet tooth, but I need to get in shape. What can I do to avoid going nuts? Answer
You say I should do lat pulldowns to the front rather than behind the neck. Why? Answer
What are your thoughts on sports drinks such as Gatorade, Hydra Fuel and such? Answer
Is there any web site that can help you identify the legit labels of steroids and such? Answer
What can I do to increase the size of rear deltoids? Answer
The day after leg training, I'm fine, but the second day I can hardly get out of bed! Why is that? Answer
How should I hold the bar when I do tricep presses? Answer
Do I REALLY have to do cardio? Answer
Do you think glutamine's worth the money? Answer
What can I do to get my calves to grow? Answer
What's your thoughts on Dr. Atkin's diet? Answer
Will aspartame and similar artificial sweeteners affect my blood sugar and insulin levels? Answer
Do I have to drink a post-workout drink? Can't I have a fruit or a cookie instead? Answer
What do you think about the Weider principles? Answer
I'm 16, and I want to get huge. How do I do that? Answer
I eat less than 800 calories a day, and only a few grams of fat, and I still can't lose weight. What's up? Answer
Why are my calves doomed to be small? Answer
Why do you promote reverse pyramid sets? Answer
Do I have to take supplements to become a successful bodybuilder? Answer
Why are you skeptical about pro-hormones? Answer
What to do about sore elbows? Answer
Accurate scales? Answer
Why are manufacturers removing the ephedra from their fat-burn products? Answer
What exercise targets the side delts? Answer