Finding Time: A Bodybuilder's Nightmare!

So how does one find ways to work out regularly, when there never seem to be enough time? Not to mention maintaining a DIET! I say - no problem!
When you read about the pros in the bodybuilder magazines, you have guys talking about how they make their living in different more or less weird ways ... As, the majority of interviewed people say, how could they possibly hold a normal 9-to-5 job? Well, for one thing, that's kind of tragic - It's my personal belief that some honest work would do some of these guys good!

But apart from that, it's a slap in the face to the rest of us, who have a family, with bills to pay, and still struggle to get in better shape. Would you walk up to your boss and say: "Look dude, I feel like my cubicle is holding me back from getting those awesome, striated quads, so I was planning to take the rest of the week off. Oh, and is it OK if I only drop off on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the future as well?" Odds are he'd chase you all the way out on the street with a club.

A heartening fact is that the current Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, is a full-time police officer with bad shift-hours. So much for the pompous Mr.Olympia wannabes that claim they can't hold a normal job. The conclusion is obvious: If you WANT it bad enough, you WILL succeed. It CAN be done. There's no such thing as "not enough time"!

Speaking for myself, I'm a 9-7 guy, working long hours at a high-tech company like everyone else in Silicon Valley, with a family to take care of. In my spare time I'm working on my degree in computer graphics and design, my freelance writing, and like most people would think - it IS nice to read a book or watch a movie once in a while! So how does one find ways to work out regularly, when there never seem to be enough time? Not to mention maintaining a DIET! I say - no problem!

Consistent Schedule

First of all, establish a pattern that will work in the long run! Getting your butt into the gym is the first and most important step on the road to physical excellence - if you don't go on a consistent basis, you'll never make any progress worth mentioning. Planning a gym-routine around EXCEPTIONS, as in trying to squeeze gym sessions in as other things drop out of your agenda is doomed to failure. I mean, hey, how often do you say the words: "Gee ... Look, I got an hour and a half and nothing to do!" About as often as a plumber's "first estimate" will end up less than the actual bill. You might end up in a situation where you'll have to sacrifice something else. Well, face it as the choice it is - do you WANT to be serious about the gym, or do you WANT to stay in the local Nose-flute quartet?


Just as it is crucial not to build your workout schedule around some flimsy "improvisation"-plan, it's crucial not to get TOO rigid about your schedule. A 3-day business-trip would smash it totally! Face it - you're living in a high-speed, high-flexible business world. You WILL miss scheduled workouts. Roll with the punches - make sure to reschedule something else that is low-priority so you can catch up the next morning.

Sometimes you will have to get up at 5 a.m, to squeeze in the planned session before work instead of after. Like I said, there WILL be changes forced upon you. Those you can't do anything about. What you CAN do is to refuse being the victim, and succeed through superior willpower and planning ability. This is what REALLY sorts the winners from the losers. Look at Ronnie Coleman if you're not buying it.


Like I mentioned before, it's the superior planning ability that makes all the difference. A small cooler can be your best friend when keeping your diet. Plan all your meals, from breakfast to snacks to dinner, for the entire week in advance. This will save you money in the grocery store (as you won't waste money on fast food - that you'd mess up your diet with just because you were hungry otherwise), and by pre-making and freezing lunches and similar, you're actually SAVING time during the work-week!

An 8 x 8 x 10 inch cooler make you independent of freezers, micro ovens, and restaurants when you're traveling.


One of the best ways to incorporate cardiovascular training into your schedule (which is extremely important for a variety of reasons), is quite drastic: Get rid of your TV-couch. Buy a treadmill for you and your spouse, and let the kids have beanbags if they're not all that hot on the idea of working out as they watch their cartoons. This might sound like the most wacko idea in quite a while, but hey ... I did it. And it serves as a double function: Not only does it give me a good cardio boost every day, it also drastically cuts down the hours of brainless zapping each week!

As you usually are a little too tired to spend an entire night exercising, you have a nasty little way of forcing yourself to get a life instead. Not that I got one anyway, but now I can sit out in the back yard and pretend I have one instead of watching TV. Sometimes I'll even convince myself that I have friends outside the gym, but that's really going overboard so I usually snap out of it quickly. But the benefit of cardio remains though. :-)