I am thirty-three years "young" now and have recently started a profession as a personal trainer. On September 16, 2000, I will have competed in my twelfth bodybuilding show. Obviously, weighing just 180 pounds, I am proud to say I am a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder. I have competed in both NGA and NPC shows, and have managed to consistently maintain one of the top spots in my weight classes. And even though my dreams of being a huge weight gainer may never come true, I know the world of bodybuilding still holds many more opportunities for me to grow in every aspect of my life.

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Vital Stats

Years Bodybuilding: 8 years
Favorite Bodypart: Quads
Favorite Exercise: Lunges
Favorite Supplements: HMB, Myoplex
Bodybuilders: Arnold
Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs.
2002 NGA Pro Atlas
  1. Mark Tilden
  2. Lance Sganzini
  3. Terry Baldwin
  4. Todd Opheim
  5. Pete Pitrone
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Video from the end of the contest. What do you think about the results?

2002 NGA Pro Atlas Video
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Despite being forty two years old, a new chapter began in my bodybuilding and fitness career... Find out how it all started and where it has led. Read on.
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Learn about posing the best way possible, watch a video and learn! Mark Tilden is one of the best posers in the state and will help you win your next competition!
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After a five year lay off I am making a comeback. My business is booming and life is good! I'm writing this comeback article just 10 weeks away from the Northwest Natural Pro-Atlas show in Boise.
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Despite the fact that I was chosen over four incredible bodybuilders at Idaho's first professional show, I'm more determined than ever to put on more muscle. Here's how!
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I have been working out for over a decade now and training people for two years. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that people ask when they want to get started on a workout and diet plan. Follow this basic advice to reach your goals with as little pain as possible...
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Three natural bodybuilding rivals are competing again on one stage. Who will win? Listen to their SMACK talk from before the show and see who really won and why!
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WOW! The 9th annual Northwest Natural Bodybuilding Championship was nothing short of spectacular...
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Feeling sluggish lately? This article is for you. Find out how to have the energy you need to be your best in the gym...
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I have had some quality gains in my legs since having my right knee reconstructed February 17, 1999. I owe a lot of it to my new favorite piece of cardio equipment.
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I've just returned from the 2001 Mountain States Natural Bodybuilding Pro-Qualifier, held at Roy High School located just outside of Ogden, Utah. In preparation for the show, my wife and I made a "plan of attack" so to speak.
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April 28 marks the day in Roy, UT for the Mountain States Open Pro-Qualifier Championships. James and Bianica Purtell are first time promoters. And from reading their letter in the application they sent, sounds like they have committed themselves to putting on a quality show.
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Okay, you have dieted down for six, eight, maybe even twelve weeks. Now it's time to do the all important peaking. So, let's start with the Saturday prior to your show. This is the day you will want to drop your carbohydrates considerably.
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September 16th marked the day for the Northwest Muscle Classic held in Portland, Oregon (a Pro-Qualifier for the overall winner). It was also my twelfth bodybuilding competition in the eight years I have been involved in this sport.
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I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day and I thought what better day to elaborate on the gains I've made on my physique in the last 8 weeks. Here is my full 5-day training split!
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Check out all of Mark's latest pics!
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Are you working hard for a pound of lean muscle mass on your frame? Tired of hearing about all the weight some bodybuilders gain just a few days post-contest?
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