Should I Have Breast Augmentation?

How will breast implants affect your bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle? Are they right for you? Learn how it will effect you and how to make it stress free!
The day of the show is here. You have done everything in your power to look your very best. You dieted for what seemed like centuries, you woke up every morning to do your exercises, and have drank so much water you are about to burst. You noticed something about yourself. You went from a B cup, to training bras. I understand how you feel. Dieting will cause the size and shape of your breast to change. Now in vision this; your division is on stage. You are standing next to a figure competitor. She has the perfect symmetry.

The whole "V" athletic look which is one of the criteria the judges are looking for. Then you notice she has something you are lacking. She has breast implants. What do I do, you ask yourself? I can make a suggestion that will help you achieve the symmetry you are looking for. A quote from the magazine Oxygen February 2002 states, "Implants can add curves creating a much more feminine physique that contest dieting can take away." Of course diet and exercise will also play a significant role on you achieving the appearance the judges are requiring.

Is The Procedure Something I Should Consider?

In the pamphlet Symbol of Excellence in Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation, I read "Women who choose to have breast augmentation surgery do so to improve their self image." I had a breast augmentation about two weeks ago underneath the muscle. I feel so much better about the way I look over all.

Under The Muscle
Partially Under The Muscle
Over The Muscle

Judges will obviously perceive this feeling of satisfaction when I am on stage doing my routine. Also, I will have the symmetry the judges are looking for. Before you make such an important and critical decision, make sure you have done your homework. There are so many cases out there where the doctor butchered the woman's breasts causing long lasting devastation and emotional scaring.

What Should I Expect From The Consultation?

When arriving at the consultation, make sure you have all the questions you want to ask the doctor written down. Once you are in front of the surgeon, you might forget what you wanted to ask him/her. The consultation I went to, took about 2 hours. The doctor spoke about the procedure and asked questions about my background.

A quote from the pamphlet Symbol of Excellence in Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation states, "You should arrive at the consultation ready to provide complete information about: previous surgical procedures, past and present medical conditions, medications you are taking, including herbal remedies or nutritional supplements, the results of mammograms you have had, and any history of breast cancer in your family." The doctors will also exam your breasts, discuss what implant he/she thinks is right for you, what technique he/she uses, and where the incision will be made.

What Can I Do To Prepare For Surgery?

During the consultation, you and the physician will decide on the date for the procedure. Make sure do not have any aspirin and derivative. Aspirin thins the blood, which will not be safe during the surgery. The night before the surgery, make sure you take a shower with an antibacterial soap and do not eat anything after mid night. The day of the surgery, take another shower with the same soap and use a button down shirt. Make sure you have someone that will be able to take you to the hospital and take you home afterwards. Also, make sure you have someone around for at least a week.

After the procedure, you will only be able to consume liquids for about two days. Because I was unable to lift my arms, I had my husband pour everything in a cup and I would sip it through a straw. He had to wash my hair and bathe me. I was unable to do anything for myself for about 3 weeks. Before you decide on having the procedure done, please do your homework. There are a lot of horror stories out there. You do not want to become one of them.

Can I Work Out After Having Implants?

For the first month, you will not be able to do any exercise. I started doing cardio about 3 weeks after the procedure. I did the treadmill and the cross trainer. Make sure while you are doing the cardio, your breast are not bouncing up and down. When on the elliptical do not use your arms. When you are already to begin doing resistance training, make sure you train your chest with lightweight. A quote from the magazine Oxygen November 2001 P. Tangy states "It has been my experience that increasing the density of the pectoral muscle through heavy resistance has an unsightly side effect: as the muscle becomes thicker, it forces the underlying implant to migrate laterally.

This is not to say that this will happen to everyone, but there's a risk. I do however recommend doing functional chest moves, such as pushups and boxing." You need to make sure you work out chest. Do not stop working this muscle because you are afraid the implants are going to reposition them selves to the sides. You need to work out your whole body in order to have a symmetrical appearance. Marla Duncan states in the Oxygen magazine October 2002, " I recommend light chest training to create an overall balanced look with balanced upper body strength to match."